Which of these things will end up happening

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Which of these things will end up happening

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  1. a 2nd French Open for Serena

  2. a 2nd U.S Open for Nadal

  3. a slam title for either one of Radwanska or Wozniacki

  4. a slam title for anyone of Berdych, Tsonga, or Ferrer

  5. a 2nd slam title for Del Potro ever

  6. a 2nd Wimbledon title for Djokovic

  7. a 2nd Australian Open title for Nadal

  8. a 2nd slam title for either Li Na or Samantha Stosur

  9. a win for Sharapova over Serena

  10. a 5th slam title for Sharapova

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  1. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Which of these things do you think will end up happening. It is multiple choice so vote for all those you think will happen.
  2. Talker

    Talker Hall of Fame

    Oct 4, 2007
    I went with the first one.
  3. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Wow amazed to see so many think Sharapova will ever beat Serena again. Maybe if she plays her in some tiny tournament that Serena tanks, but Serena is too driven when she plays Maria to do that no matter the event.
  4. RAFA2005RG

    RAFA2005RG Banned

    Jan 28, 2011
    I know, I can't believe Sharapova has anything to hurt Serena with. Serena has more powerful groundstrokes, moves better, better serve and more intelligent.
  5. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    I guess there are some banking on Serena getting a huge injury during a match and not finishing it, or Serena playing until 35 or something like that, as those are the only ways Maria will probably ever beat Serena again. However if Serena is still playing at 35, Maria will probably be long retired by then. Maria isnt the kind of athlete to play well into her 30s like Serena is.
  6. ubermeyer

    ubermeyer Hall of Fame

    Mar 1, 2009
    Nadal will definitely win another AO.
  7. Sabratha

    Sabratha Talk Tennis Guru

    Jun 6, 2012
    I think Berdych will win a slam.
  8. decrepitude

    decrepitude Rookie

    Aug 5, 2008
    None of them?
  9. dangalak

    dangalak Banned

    Sep 15, 2012
    She has an inferior backhand, returns worse sometimes and keeps length better.

    Saying Sharapova has nothing to hurt her with is ludicrous. If Azarenka can bring Serena to the brink of defeat, while having much less power, so could Sharpie.
  10. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Azarenka has played Serena much tougher the last 3-4 years than Sharapova. It isnt even a contest in that regard. Aside from that one would be false in saying Sharapova is even a better player than Azarenka right now. Azarenka is ranked higher, has won more tournaments this year, has overall done better in the major events, and has owned Maria in head to head play of late as well. All that said even Azarenka has not beaten Serena in years, and was brutally spanked in the majority of their meetings this year.

    Sharapova having more power than Azarenka is precisely why she cant hurt Serena. All Maria has is power and all she does is power bash, which Serena loves. Azarenka can atleast hurt Serena with consistency, very good overall defense despite not blinding foot speed, and smart tennis, mixed with reasonable power, angles, and agression as well, if Serena is having an off day . All Maria will try and do is outslug her which when facing Serena is LOL worthy, with poor defense and no variation, and commiting just as many unforced errors, but that is all she has in her game so she really has no choice.
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  11. dangalak

    dangalak Banned

    Sep 15, 2012
    Well it did work that one time. :) Apparently you need to go for the lines instead of hitting the balls deep. Recent years, Sharapova instinctively goes deep up the middle to get a short reply even against players against whom thats a bad idea.
  12. dangalak

    dangalak Banned

    Sep 15, 2012
    If Verdasco can beat Nadal, Maria can beat Serena again. :)
  13. TMF

    TMF Talk Tennis Guru

    Jul 15, 2009
    I choose Nole winning Wimbledon. He still has some good years in him to bag in at least one. He lost to Federer in 4 this year but it wasn't like a demolition.
  14. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Mine would be:

    Will happen

    a 2nd French Open title for Serena
    a 2nd slam title for Na or Stosur (Na, maybe a French for Stosur too)
    a slam title for Wozniacki or Radwanska (Radwanska, Wozniacki no)

    Might happen

    a 2nd U.S Open title for Nadal
    a 2nd Australian Open title for Nadal
    a 5th slam title for Sharapova

    Probably, but not for sure, wont happen

    a 2nd Wimbledon title for Djokovic
    a win for Sharapova over Serena
    a 2nd slam title for Del Potro

    Definitely wont happen

    a slam title for any of Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer
  15. dangalak

    dangalak Banned

    Sep 15, 2012
    Serena hasn't reached a semi in FO since 03.

    Just sayin.
  16. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    That is true. However the clay tennis she played in crushing everyone including Sharapova, Azarenka, Stosur, and all other comers in her 2 clay titles this year convinced me she is going to win another French. Before that I would have said no as well. This years French she just choked in a big way, I cant really explain it, but dont think that will happen every year, and with Henin gone it is totally wide open. Who is considered best clay courter today, her pigeon Sharapova, lol, that couldnt set things up any better for her. 2003-2010 she was losing in FO quarters to the likes of Henin, Kuznetsova, Stosur, who are all irrelevant or gone completely today except for Stosur, but Serena will be in the hot revenge mode whenever they play after the 2010 US Open final.
  17. フェデラー

    フェデラー Hall of Fame

    Jun 12, 2009
    Serena is definitely going to get a second french. i still cant believe she didn't do it this year after winning charleston (destroying Stosur in the process), then Madrid where she beat Azarenka, Sharapova, and Woz in the process. Serena is a great clay courter, it's just that Henin outshined her as she was the clay court goat of this decade.
  18. Mainad

    Mainad Talk Tennis Guru

    Apr 1, 2011
    Manchester, UK.
    IMO only if they can avoid an in-form Serena or Azarenka. BTW, you seem to have changed your tune a bit about Wozniacki! :wink:

    Depending of course on what kind of form he will be in when he finally returns to the tour.

    Given his chronic fitness issues (he just pulled out of DC after developing a left wrist injury in addition to his problems with the right), I'm beginning to doubt that could ever be possible.
  19. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    Hmm how so. I picked her (Woz) to never win a slam, wouldnt that be course for par with my past comments on her. :wink: I do think a 2 time year end #1 who is only 22 atleast deserves a place on my poll though.

    Very true, hence why I said "maybe". I do think if he returns strong he will manage to win each atleast once more though. There is no long term dominant player in the post Federer/Nadal era that I see, Djokovic cant keep up his 2011 level, so all the slams minus the French are wide open amongst the first 4 or anyone else who can step up (and the French becomes so to if Nadal really goes down, or maybe turns into Djoko dominance for awhile in that case).

    Fully agree. Plus I always thought he was a bit overrated anyway, but if he was fitter and more durable by now I would have given him a better shot at winning another slam or two, as he shows some signs of dangerous form, but that doesnt seem to be the case as he now enters into middle aged player status.
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  20. dangalak

    dangalak Banned

    Sep 15, 2012
    I don't think her drubbing of Stosur is indicative of the future. I mean she played 2 matches just the previous day, one against her master Venus.

    Would you give anybody credit for beating Serena after she had to play 2 matches, the day before? :)

    Not to mention, it wasn't red clay either. ;)
  21. Chillaxer

    Chillaxer Semi-Pro

    Aug 8, 2012
    I do think Del Po will win another slam, Djok will win Wimbledon once more, Rafa will win Australia once more, and, call me crazy, Tsonga will grab a slam, he'll just be on fire and the draw will work out, one time.
  22. NadalAgassi

    NadalAgassi Guest

    What to say about the drubbings of Azarenka and Sharapova then. Either way Serena's performance on clay this spring proved she can not only beat but crush anyone currently in the womens game right now on clay. Remember there is no Justine Henin anymore.
  23. cc0509

    cc0509 Talk Tennis Guru

    Sep 16, 2010
    Most Likely to Happen:

    Djokovic winning another W (he still has a few years where it could happen as long as he stays on top. )

    Possibly Will Happen:

    2nd FO for Serena
    2nd AO or USO for Nadal (AO much more likely but you can't count another USO out completely if Nadal comes back and can still be a force for another year or two.)
    5th slam for Sharapova
    2nd slam for Li Na (but not Stosur imo)
    Slam for Wozniacki or Radwanska (they are both still young enough where they can improve and it may happen you never know.)

    Not Happening or Very Unlikely:

    Win for Sharapova over Serena
    2nd slam for Stosur
    slam for Berdych, Tsonga or Ferrer
    2nd slam for Del Potro

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