Which of your racquets will you never sell?


Gamma Tradition 18 MP. Nothing like it on the market today.

BTW, I was stupid and sold a Gamma Diamond Fiber 9.5. Only frame better than the 18 MP.

I had 3 df 9.5s. They were sweet looking frames. I wish I had kept mine also. I was too impatient (wrong string & tension too high). Bad move.


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I don't know how you guys can sell rackets. Even ones I never use I always think I'll use them one day. But I can't see myself selling my BLX Pro Open, and I'll keep atleast one of my KPro Opens. Can see the Npro Open being sold. Also my KPro tour and KBlade tour may be sold soon anyway. Just gotta convince myself it's for the best.


My Yonex MP 3i. A really unique feeling arm friendly discontinued racquet with lots of power and control. Fun to put down the 5g and pull it out every once and awhile.
Yo backcourt,
Yeah, the MP 3i is a keeper for me as well. A truly outstanding lighter-weight player's frame. I haven't had mine out for a while -- must do that soon. :)

Ljubicic for number1

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I never sell any Prince racquets, cant part with the P, have half a dozen N95s which I will hold onto aswell. Did sell all the N95s once and was sorry later so bought another lot.


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An hour later from my post and I sold my KPro Tour for $120 (Australian, bought for about $110AUD including shipping)

Won't be selling my Vantages, that's for sure. I have found the right spec, picked up a few, and have several years with them under my belt. Focusing on becoming a better player.......keeping the racquets. My arm is thanking me, too!


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I don't know how you guys can sell rackets. Even ones I never use I always think I'll use them one day.
Because of too many rackets. Let someone else play with them instead of gathering dust in the basement.


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I won't sell any of my wood ones that are in great shape. On more recent sticks. I won't sell my POG's or Babolat pure drives,


My unused/unstrung green Dunlop Revelation Pro Tour Series 90 (Mark Philippoussis) 4 3/8.

My POG OS 4 stripe & Prince powerflex graphite OS , a St. Vincent PS 85sqin, pc600,pt630.

Still not sure about my 2 estusa powerbeams or the LB POGs (since I mostly hit single handed backhds evcept when playing w/ the POG OS.

I'm glad I sold the PD and Aero.

Glad I kept my volkl 10 v engine tour mp (2004).
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was this recently for sale? for shame Frekcles.:razz:
I know, I know. I was reviewing past threads and came upon this the other day but wasn't able to add to the thread.

Of the ones I listed only the zebra and a 1998 twin tube remain.

But as one poster said, it's better to let someone else buy it and use it rather than it collect dust.

All in the pursuit of that "one true racquet" :)

So if anybody is looking for any twin tube Radicals I have a couple I'd like to get rid of.


My Yonex RDX 500 Mids. I sold one, the oldest one, but luckily found a new one to buy. 3 of these are still unused...

Don't know what to do when I get too old for a low-powered mid.


My Snauweart Gerulaitis wood, 12.8 oz and 5pts headlight. Best training and warm of racquet I've used. Strangely enough, I can blast flat winners better with this racquet than any other racquet I've used. For all aspects of the game it certainly isn't my best.

For the remainder racquets (Pro Staff, 03, Speed MP....) I am completely disloyal and will always change for an improvement. Lots of lead in the cap is a must!!

thug the bunny

I already let go of my beloved KPS88. My buddy hit with it a few times and loved it, and gave me a sob story about how he couldn't find one in his grip size and then offered me a new casting reel and rod which went for about $150, so I made out on the swap, but I still miss her dearly:cry:


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Pro Staff 95 Brand New with Fairway Grip
Pro Staff 85 Taiwan x 4
PT57A x 4
Pro Tour 280 x 4
Pro Tour 630 x 2
Brand New Asian version K90 (1st batch with "Karbon Black" written on the side)
Original Donnay Pro One OS blue/yellow (Agassi)
Pro Staff Tour 90 Asian version (St. Vincent Process) written on the side


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I have sold many rackets before.

Most of them only used 1 time::) :)
Mfil 300
Aeroprodrive contex plus
Dunlop Biomimetic 200

Sold after a few months:

Sold because of financial difficulty: :)
I.prestige MP

But the rackets i wont sell:
My newly acquired 2 MG prestige mid
and my PS 6.0 95 w DIY Kfactor PJ.