Which One Do I Pick?


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Hi guys,
I need some advice from some fellow tennisnerds. Some background; I used to play national level as a junior got very ill and now (5years later) still play top of the region. Play both flat and spinny forehand’s and OHBH. I always used to play with prestige’s but wanted to switch as I didn’t feel like I had an optimal racket, just wanted a bit more from the racket. Played with babo project 1 18x20 but killed my arm. Played the RF97 which I like a lot but is just heavy for some1 who doesn’t play more than twice a month. Gravity pro is oké but just has a weird headshape. I am not really a string breaker as well. I like the more boxed frames when I hold my racket for my BH and get all of the matches and customised to around 340 sw and 32cm balance.

I am considering; Blade 18x20, 305 xtc, PS 18x20 3rd gen, Speed pro or extreme tour? Idk about the new prestige but didn’t like the XT version and such.

As I am a student I don’t look for the latest and greatest racquets that break the bank haha.
Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


You mentioned you like the RF97A a lot but it was just a bit heavy. Take a look at the PS97 v13. Another similar racquet is the Yonex Vcore Pro which is slightly more maneuverable and lighter than the RF.

Of the 18x20s you mentioned, I'm a fan of the Blade. Started playing tennis with that racquet and still have it in my bag and break it out from time to time.


Stick with your Prestige's until you are out of school and have expendable income to become a gear head. The hunt for the "optimal racquet" is a rabbit hole no student should enter. Since every shot is different and responds better to different specs, finding one racket that does everything well is impossible. There will always be a racket that serves better than your current racket or hits groundies better or volleys better but it will never be the same racket.

As someone that's spent a lot of money on rackets, I can attest that nothing turns me into Federer, no matter how much I try. So I just go for rackets that feel awesome to hit with. Anything harsh, tinny, stiff, buzzy or dead, I stay away from, no matter how well it hits.


Balance for most of these rackets aren't optimal for 1hbh. Haven't tried the pure strike but if you can come around fast enough I like the blade. Speed pro might have a better balance for you.

I used to play with the flexpoint prestige and was hitting side by side with the blade today. You can pretty much keep the same strokes without adjustments. They just have to be done faster.
At your level, and if you can demo them from TW, I think it would be foolish to not at least try the Pro Kennex Black Ace.


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This might kill that budget but the pro labs blade 18x20 or ultra sounds good, especially if you are going to customize to your desired specs anyways