Which one: Pro Staff Tour 90 or new Pro Labs Six One 95


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Hey TW

Just wanted to see what people's choices would be if they were to choose between the Pro Staff Tour 90 and the Pro Labs Six One 95.

I'm a sucker for old sticks and currently use HPS 6.1 and ncode six one 95.

Let me know what you guys would pick!


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the pro labs 6.1 is an HPS 6.1 18x20 in a new pj. unless you already use the HPS 6.1 18x20 and want more, i'd go with the tour 90 since those are becoming harder to find.


Is there a big difference between the prostaff tour 90, and the ncode nSix.one tour 90?
Not that much if I remember. I used the white blx 90 the longest.

The newest pro staff 90 didn’t feel quite as solid to me as the others. I haven’t used the black blx one, or the hyper pro staff, but I’ve used the others.
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HPS 6.1 is probably the best version of all with amazing control and power.I have tried all ( Kfactor, Ncode etc) only get to try recently HPS and it feels bigger sweetspot like Blade with Prostaff feel and power Blade line can never match.

I string it with Head Hawk 17G white ,currently used by Aslan Karatsev and Basilashvili big hitters on 18*20 pattern.

No wonder Delpo never liked any other version of 6.1 as there seems to be definitely a bigger sweetspot on HPS version

I think playing with 90 inch would probably too tough these days with slow courts,current strings technology and players playing with bigger racquets.


the six one for sure. And it’s gorgeous.
I really think those 5 extra inches are absolutely critical. I get the idea of wanting to play with something different, but there’s a reason the 90 is so different. If high level players could play better with it, they would be using it.
unfortunately 95 really does seem to be the minimum for today’s game.
additionally I think playing a small head size has most of its benefits based on having the tighter spaced string bed. I think 90%+ of the benefits of using a small head racquet can be made up for by using a larger racquet with a higher string count (16x19 vs 18x20). I think the biggest downside would just be the extra labor to string it.
The above is my opinion based off of having a prestige 95 16x19 and a gravity pro 18x20.


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Both of those are demanding frames.

The feel fetishists in this forum will tell you to go with the 90 and with good reason. When you absolutely nail the sweet spot, it is glorious. Even more so when it's a cross-court 1hbh winner.

The current 6.1 is a great frame in its own right but plagued by the infamous Wilson QC. The one I ordered was almost perfectly in the spec range I like, yet the frame came out feeling anemic compared to my nCode 6.1 95. Although, it still crushes the ball in a way I think only a 6.1 can.

If I had to choose, I'd take the 6.1 but that's largely due to nostalgia and the affinity that I have developed for the 6.1 95 over the years.