Which Pressureless balls?

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Hi, i just ordered my silent partner pro programmable, and i need to buy some pressureless balls. I want tretorn micro, but they are really expensive, and i don't want to spend that much on balls that will wear out eventually. What are some other good pressureless tennis balls? Are the Penn ones good?
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you're from houston right? don't use pressureless balls as they don't feel anything like real tennis balls. if you want new balls go to academy and buy the penn atp's that come 4 to a can for 1.89 a can. they last forever.

or go on e bay and buy used tennis balls lots CHEAP


I've been using the same set of Tretorn Micro-X for about 3 years with my Tennis Tutor. They are a little harder than regular balls, but not bad. They are ITF, USTA approved for all tournament play. They are a little expensive but I feel worth it for a ball machine. Of course by now mine don't have fuzz left but ball machines don't work well with new balls with fuzz anyway.


I have tried Wilson, Penn and Tretorn Micro-X pressureless and I have to say that the Tretorn are really worth it. I threw away the Penns and use the Wilsons as dog toys.


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my personal experience-slaznenger yes....wilson ... no. though i can purchase wilson pressureless balls at cheaper prices...i dont think they are really worth it.


My vote is for Tretorn Micro-X balls, I am using them and they are pretty close to the real deal.


Try to get a good deal on a bucket of Tretorn Micro X balls. They are the best there is - NOTHING COMES EVEN CLOSE IN QUALITY - NOTHING !!!!!!!!!

Go for the best - find a good price on them.
You won't be sorry :D

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I've tried practically all the pressureless balls on the market and Tretorn Micro X are by far the best choice available for a ball machine.
The Tretorns bounce much truer than the other pressureless balls out there. They are VERY durable and should easily last several seasons.
I have a friend who's been using Tretorns in his ball machine for four seasons now. Some of the balls are starting to exhibit bald spots from the felt cover wearing down but they still bounce/play fine.
Totally agree with a previous poster: search around and buy the Tretorns.


Wilson are pretty good. I tried one batch of Penn balls and utterly disliked them. I might try out Gamma next.