Which Pressureless tennis balls should I buy?

I'll use them with a tennis ball machine.

Unique Pressureless Tennis Balls
Tretorn Micro-X
Gamma Pressureless Tennis Balls

Which one feels closer to a Wilson or Penn ball? How long do they last?
matchpoint54 said:
The Tretorn Micro-X balls are the best. I bought Unique balls one time and when I opened up the bag, all the balls were dead.

I bought today 2 bags of unique balls, and I have to tell you that they're really good balls(at least the ones I bought), they're just a little bit heavier than wilson balls and they bounce pretty close to wilson balls.
I'll buy a couple of Micro-X cans next week so I can have an idea how heavy those balls are. I'm worried about comments mentioning that they're really heavy balls.
I have bought a bunch of the Gamma balls. I have poor experience with them. The rubber cracks and they go compltely flat. I've had no less than 6 out of 48 crack within two weeks time.

I know I don't hit then THAT HARD!

I would like to try Tretorn but I don't have a good source.

Mark Rainey

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pressureless balls

All the pressurless balls stink. I use gamma, they are durable but are heavy. I got some Micro-X samples. They are like rocks. The Unique balls I got were sort of OK for the couple times I used them, but they lost their fuzz quickly. When I use them in my ball machine, I get tired of hitting the hard balls over and over. When I tried to rally with Micro-X, it was a pain hitting rocks and watching the ball sail. They do not substitute for real balls, but can be useful in practice at times.:D


It's been my experience that Gamma pressureless balls turn to fuzz in my ball machine. I've had good experience with Penn pressureless balls. They hold up pretty well.

Mike Cottrill

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Tretorn pressureless are the best out there hands down. Have not used the micro-x, I’m talking the pressuerless ones and they are used in pro tournaments overseas. They last forever. They play a little harder on the wrist, but they are the best for machines. Pros complain they cause injury, but that has not been substantiated.



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I've used JUGGS and Gamma. So between these two JUGGS had better live span with TT ball machine and they didn't have that "hitting rocks" fill. Gamma were cheapper though.