Which Pro’s Shot Can You REALISTICALLY Develop?


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With little bit of practice a pro-level tweener passing shot should be easily attainable. Or, if you're playing doubles, this one can come in very handy and is well worth mastering:



Volley. You might not have the reactions and quick feet of a pro - which is what makes their volleys better then amateurs. But you can hit a competent volley. It's not a complicated shot.

If you realistically have 40 hours a week and money to spend on serve practice/physical training - you could develop a pro like serve (at least a female pros) in a few years as well. But of course I haven't tested this theory.. Who has 40 hours a week to spend on serving - stretching - exercises for throwing and lessons.. The only thing that helps this shot is that is something you can practice by yourself effectively. Volley with a ball machine is pretty close of course. The simplicity of volley makes it the top choice. Especially if the pro is Roddick.. I kid..
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Inside-out forehand angle like Fed.

Inside-in forehand angle seems more difficult - a lot of racquet head speed and good timing to do effectively.


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Is it also effective against trapeze artists and other circus performers?

Don't recall... how did Gaby hit her 2nd serve? Pls enlighten.
C’mon, be real. There are no trapeze artists at the park courts. Like where are they supposed to hang the bar? Other circus performers such as tightrope walkers might be there though. On top of the nets...

The way I see Gaby’s 2nd serve... high arc, lots of net clearance, perhaps around 60mph.


I have the moon ball but it makes me feel dirty. Not as dirty as that time in Thailand. Ah....wrong forum.
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"Which Pro’s Shot Can You REALISTICALLY Develop?"

If you put your mind to it and have natural ability, there's no reason you cannot learn to "mimic or copy" the mechanics of a Pro.

They are people just like you and they can be impersonated. Dance is one example. Dancers copy style all the time.

Will you be able to perform at the Pro level as they do? You can answer this better than I can, but I already know the answer.

Lots of similarities between Pro shot making. Are they all copying each other or is it something else? :alien:

Pat the Dog.



lol, i find moonballing with consistent depth/spin extremely challlenging... if i could do it consistently i bet i'd win much more matches.
I agree, which is why I said I "might" be able to develop it. I can hit it several times in a row. Could I hit it 30 times in a row? Not so sure.

But if I could, I'd most certainly a) win more matches and b) lose all my invites to play.