Which pros service motion does your serve most resemble?


Hmm nobodys actually. If I had to say someone I would say it was like a right handed version of Verdasco, really simple and just throw it up and smash it. It's probably a bit of a quicker motion than his though.

Just throw it up with a fairly low toss and hit it straight away. It's hard to describe really.


I can copy Edberg's motion perfectly, but I don't use it now. I stopped using it a long time ago. Now I have more of a Pete Sampras motion.
well i honestly dont think my service motion resembles any pro player that I know of ,but I ve been trying to emulate Federer's since it seems so effective


Sampras motion, with that little thing he does with his foot when he tosses the ball up. :mrgreen:

Hewitt rulez

I used to hit with a Hewitt motion but now I hit with a Safin motion. It just depends on how I feel that day. I can hit a better kick serve with the safin motion but can hit a faster serve with the Hewitt motion.


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When I first started playing, I idolized Sampras and tried copying everything he did. Now I'm used to the service motion...



I do the same thing with the foot, platform stance, although he has a more closed stance than I do.


I'm a lefty with Agassi's type of serve. I can flatten it out or kick it out wide. Also it's easy and less mechanical.


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BabolatFan said:
I'm a lefty with Agassi's type of serve. I can flatten it out or kick it out wide. Also it's easy and less mechanical.
mm, me having a Steffi serve, you having an Agassi serve, what are you saying, should we meet?


I tried Safin's motion but couldn't get consistant enough with it due to me not being 6'4''..So it turned into a Hewitt-like motion.


hahahaha!! Is Funny to read here most people saying that their service motions, resembles Federer or Pete Sampras. Two of the most beautiful service motions in the game but, actually when you o to play this guys in the public park their service motion looks ugly as hell...... and I have play 4.0-5 level and have played division 3 college and I'm yet to see a service motion that is really similar to the two ... Yeah, sampras and Federer Sure! ;)


Mine resembles Federer only is probably better with a touch of Sampras/Borg/Nadal/McEnroe thrown in.


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Ivan Ljubicic

I try ljubicic's but tend to over swing and fault occasionaly then retire to ol spinster (my own warped design and fault again)

Not to mention how hard is it to ballance ljubicic's crazy posture


Sampras but I only resemble beginning and end. :)

I can't emulate it fully. I'm too old to do a hip-stretch and shoulder
rotation like him.

I recently compromised with Federer's. It's somewhat more simplified
with less extreme rotations and stretches.

Since I copied Federer's, accuracy increased but power went down a bit.
coincidence ? or plain getting old....


It's in between Agassi and Roddick, maybe. But I'm always making slight changes to the motion because I always feel I can get more speed. If I copy Roddick's twitches exactly I can bomb the serve, but it tires me out. I'm not as tall as him, but I've got the broad shoulders/chest and the Gumby arm.


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Federer's. It's not as smooth as his, but it's the only motion that works for me. I tried to copy Roddicks & Gasquet's motion but doesn't work for me. When Roddick and Gasquet toss, the just pushes the ball up(I have trouble doing), but Fed's he swings his arm and lets the ball go for toss(which I can do)


Edberg with a little trace of mac & "fed" which is just a place holder for a traditional, conventional motion.
why would you wanna copy roddick's motion other than the blasting the ball part. his motion puts too much unnecessary stress on the body. his kneebend and pronation are exceptional though.

copy pete or federer or flipper


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LordRaceR said:
In between Roddick and Gaudio
hmmm.... interesting, cuz there's like 7 oceans of distance between Roddick's serve and Gaudio's. so basically you're saying your serve's like anybody's


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Right now, I serve like Michael Chang at the french final, underhand, my landing knee is hurting ....but when I'm healthy my serve resembles Coria's, meaning I double fault like is my job


My serve looks like Federer to start off with. But when my ball toss reaches the top of its height, everything after that looks like Pat Rafter.


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Wow, Federer's service motion is really popular! My service motion looks like mine, I don't want my service motion to look anything like Federer's, because it's really ugly if he's not doing it.


My serve has the grace of Sjeng Schaalken and the results of Elena Dementieva.
I try to copy something inbetween Roger and Safin, the more power I put into it the more safin I have to make it, the more spin the more Roger.


I used to have a horrendous sidearm sort of serve that really was like Dementieva, but I finally took lessons after playing for a zillion years and now at least it looks more like Federer's form, but with very little resemblance to his results.


i tried experimenting with the "Sampras" serve technique, but abandoned it after it became inconsistent (lots of power though).
Now its the "Federer" serve i am employing, and it serves me well.