Which slam tournament featured stronger competition: AO 2004 or USO 2015?

Which one?

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Talk Tennis Guru

Federer had nice four-setters with Hewitt in 4R and Nalbandian in QF, but SF and F were fairly straightforward. Safin, unseeded after injuries sidelined him for most of 2003, fought his way to the final over Roddick and Agassi in solid five-setters and ended up running out of gas after about a set and a half in the final.

Djokovic played four sets against Agut and Lopez - nothing spectacular - then ran over an injured Cilic in SF, but was troubled strongly by Federer in the final and survived by keeping his cool while Fed didn't, to say the least. Federer himself dominated everyone in his way only to famously falter at the last hurdle, that was some serious mindphuckerie. Obviously though he wasn't quite as good as in 2004 even if Djokovic provided a better challenge.

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