Which string for Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex


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I am buying this racket and i dont know which strings will be best for me. I can choose between following strings and i am more of a beginner allrounded player:

Target Concept 3
Target Concept 3 Spin
Signum Pro PolyPlasma
Target Precision Spin XT
Target Pure Power
Topspin Cyber Flash
Head Sonic Pro
MSV Focus Hex
Target Pure Energy
Luxilon Alu Power Rough
Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex
Signum Pro Hyperion
Signum Pro Twister
Signum Pro Tornado
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
Tecnifibre Black Code
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code
Tecnifibre Promix
Tecnifibre X-One
Tecnifibre Multi Feel
Wilson Champions Choice
Thanks for your suggestions!


Well you should probably decide if you're going for a synthetic, hybrid or full poly set-up first... and a little description of your level/play. thats more important than your frame


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Hex, they have a good amount of spin, and are very durable. Alu power rough generates more spin than it, but it only lasts 1/4 of the time hex lasts. After that time, u cant put spin on the ball with alu power rough. I spent like $80 on strings trying to find good spin generating strings and hex are pretty good. I would also recommend kirschbaum spiky shark, altho i havent used them in a while, they were really good as well.


I'm using Signum Pro PolyPlasma on my Babolat AeroPro Cortex, and I really love the soft feel of this poly string. I have it strung at 55lbs.


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Tennis Crazed is right. They're all good strings, but they're suited for different people. We need more info before we can really give you a good recommendation: one that is suited to YOUR game. What kind of tennis do you play, how often you break strings, whether you have arm problems, and what you're looking for in your string would be nice information to start with.


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Sorry for the lack of informations.

I am a more of a beginner player now, i played a lot of tennis years ago but had a big break in last years and gonna play a lot more now. What i would like to have is a good combination of power and control.