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Discussion in 'Strings' started by Atomic_Sheep, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Jan 26, 2006
    On my old racket I had strings that said "jim courier plays with gosen japan 16G". I was quite lucky because when I was asked which strings to put on I just agreed to the first ones he pulled out ie these jim courier ones. On my new racket I have strings that say "wilson stamina OT/DT? 15...". These strings are on an ncode racket. I've played with the old racket for about 4 years and have become accustomed to that string feel... the old strings felt a lot like those courier ones (the prerestrung ones that is)... since Ive broken that racket I've not been happy with any of the new rackets and I have just realised why. I thought that it was to do with string tension but have overlooked the strings themselves... I thought... a string is a string... cant have much of a difference. But now I have realised that the reason why I didnt like the new ncodes was coz of their strings. They felt like marshmellows... really soft and I thought that it was the racket and the incorrect tension. My question is... what strings are those courier ones? because they feel very firm and nice and crisp when I hit the ball... I like the way they feel... are they good strings in terms of quality? and how do they compare in performance to those wilson ones that I mentioned on my new ncode in terms of accuracy... power and other performance that you guys can think of?

    My observations are that the strings that ive had on the ncodes promoted excellent accuracy but I couldnt generate enough power... with the old racket I could generate plenty of power but was a little less accurate. I'm not sure what I should do... go for the seemingly less powerfull wilson strings or change back to my old ways... take into account also that the new ncodes are claimed to be 22% more powerful and as I said I didnt feel that at all... so should I change back to my old firm stringbed strings and beef up the tension thereby reducing the power (and according to the 22% power gain back to my usual power with which I was more than happy) and also simulataneously increasing control to a level that I didn't have on my old racket or what?


    Oh yeh one last thing. My new racket has a head of 90 my old one was 95... I cant say that it was easy for me to hit the sweat spot every time with that 95... and the new 90 seems a lot easier in that respect. So strings obviously make a difference... So is there also maybe a string that is somewhere in between those 2 in performance?
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    Gosen makes the Jim Courier string. You can find it here at TW. Just go to the Gosen brand string page.

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