Which stringing machine to buy (i live in Denmark, Europe)


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Hey i am about to buy a new stringing machine and i would quite like an an electronic. My budget is 800 Euro and i would like if someone knew if i can get a decent quality machine in europe for that amount. Would be very happy if you guys had some suggetstions.


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Take a look at Stringways machines; ML90 or ML100.
They are CP and not electronic, but very solid and high quality machines.
Bought the ML100 a couple of years ago, and I`ve been very satisfied with my purchase.

pstar (norway)


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Hey thanks for the reply. But i already have a dropweight that i am selling when i get a new machine. Could consider a good crank if i can't find a decent electronic. Any other suggestions?:)


Hey thanks for the reply. But i already have a dropweight that i am selling when i get a new machine. Could consider a good crank if i can't find a decent electronic. Any other suggestions?:)
The Stringways are drop weight but they are constant pull with CORRECT TENSION AT ANY ANGLE. You don't have to mess around with 90 degree angle on the tension bar and repulling to get the correct angle. I have a LaSerFibre - older model which is the exact same machine as the Stringway and I am also very please. I look at it this way - there is not much that can go wrong with a heavy metal bar with a heavy metal weight on the end as gravity is pretty consistent. Much more consistent and reliable than an electric motor.

Just a thought and I don't work for Stringway so you will not hurt my feeling if you go else where. But, I think true constant pull at any angle is superior to a crank lock out or an electric tensionor. I think this is the best machine out there if you can get it for under $1,000.

If you go Stringway, make sure you have 2 action clamps, with a brake on the machine.

LaSerFibre sells machines with constant pull at any angle too but I would avoid them. Great products but they are a rip off company. They will take your money and not deliver products or deliver them months late.

To my knowledge, Stringway and LaSerFibre are the only 2 constant pull at any angle machines on the market. They work - tension is spot on too.
The stringway machines WERE being sold in america under the name *****fibre by the *****fibre company. Stringway stopped the dealership a couple of years ago when ****fibre had financial problems. They are made in Holland.

The stringway machines are great, with automatic pull system. I don't know how it works, because I have a electronic stringway. I was told the bar have not to be horizontal to get the wanted tension.


Just to add that cheap electronic is no match for this workhorse.
I agree, rather a good crank or drop weight than an entry level electric or electronic. And 800 euro will not buy you a decent electric/electronis machine.
I have a Dutch Markslag crank machine with fixed clamps and love it.
As a back up I have a Tenex 4000 (Gamma 4000). Solid crank machine that will outlive my 5 year old daugther :)
Not sure what Drop Weight machine you may have today, but unless you already have a Stringway you may want to at least check out their website. I believe these are made in the Netherlands, and although they fall into the DW Category, there is a night to day difference between these units and what constitutes a normal DW. Hard to believe that a crank would be faster, more reliable or more consistent.

Purchased an ML100, and about one year and about 150 racquets very glad that I did. Would go for the ML200 over the ML100 today, but have no complaints.


Can't really go wrong with the CB-14 (bought from France myself) stringing machine. It's a confirmed Gamma mechanism, works flawlessly and I am very satisfied so far. Do a search.


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Hey I have an offer from a guy. A Technifibre TF 6000 from 2008 for 1800 euro including a reel of expensive string and a full stringing kit. Does that sound like a good deal to you guys? By the way the machine has been used in a shop so it has been strung on alot


I'm facing the same question these days - leaning heavily towards Stringway as well, but also considering the Premium Stringer 8700 Elektro. As I have been unable to get any feedback on the latter, I think I'll be going for the Stringway.

The TF machine you got the offer on is a pretty good one, but obviously the price is quite a bit above your initial budget. If you want an electronic and you can dish out the extra cash, I'd say go for it. And if you have a chance to actually see the machine before you buy it, it's even better.