Which tacky grip is the most absorbent?


So I usually use Tourna Grip during hotter months because my hands sweat, but I will use a tacky overgrip during colder months because I like how they feel. My hands still sweat during colder months, but not enough to the point where Tourna Grip is required. But still kinda sweaty. Are there any other tacky overgrips that deal with sweat really well? I currently rotate between Wilson Pro Overgrip and a Yonex Super Grap in white, and I like them both because they're soft and cushiony. I ordered some Volkl Super Grip II because I heard good things about them.


I tried Tecnifibre Pro Contact a while back, and I really liked it. Do you think it handles sweat better than the Wilson and Yonex?
I use tacky grips when it is not too humid. If I’m going to sweat a lot, Kirschbaum Touch, Babolat VS, Wilson Perf and Volkl V-Dry are better than the Tecnifibre. I like grips that feel thin and for me Wilson Perf better than Pro - it is supposed to be the same thickness, but feels thinner. Yonex SuperGrap feels too thick for me.