Which would be the more significant match win at this stage of Roddick's career?

More important win for Roddick at this point?

  • Win over Fed at Miami

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  • A win over Djoker at the Wimby Olympics

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Roddick's victory over Federer at Miami this year,


A Roddick victory over Djokovic at the Olympics next round?

Take a second and think about this one. The more I thought about it, the more my opinion changed a bit.


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Roddick`s Miami win was followed by 6 losses in a row so it certainly didn`t have any positive affect on him


Depends on what Roddick goes on to do at this tournament, I think.
I agree, a deep run in London could be the difference. But I would ask just in terms of making a "statement" match where he beats a top player and shows he's still relevant in the big tournaments.