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    We see and hear so much today that pros are using hybrid strings often mixing a poly with natural gut.

    However, when I look for strings that many pros use, the color of the gut is "natural."

    How is it that pros who claim to use hybrid strings and those who use natural gut strings have them in white? For example, Kim Clisjters allegedly uses Babolat natural gut, but her strings are white and not "natural" as the description of the strings state.

    Another example is Federer's combination. According to TW, he uses a hybrud made up of hybrid of Wilson Natural Gut in the mains and Luxilon ALU Power Rough. Again, the Wilson Natural Gut strings are supposed to be "natural," but they look white.
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    Most of them have the Babolat VS THERMO GUT COATING, which make the Natty gut strings look more 'whitish', but it also has to do with camera angles and WHAT YOU SEE ON YOUR TV.

    Now a days with the new big screen plasma/lcd tv's, the colors are 'pimped' up and natural colors strings looks white.

    They ARE NOT WHITE - but as I say, natural colored Babolat VS NATTY GUT strings looks natural with a bit of whitish lustre and glow from the coating.

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