Who’s Your Cecchinato Horse of 2019 At RG

Got a Dark Horse QFist or Better (outside top 20)

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The guy came out of nowhere in 2018, never having won an ATP match in his career until M-C. He then got into MD at ATP250 Budapest as a lucky loser (thank you Djere Laslo!) and won the whole tournament. 45 days later he was in the RG SFs.

Is there a surprise deep runner this year? Who and why?

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Pablo Cuevas - perhaps known a little better but he has been under the radar this year and coming into form now. I'm giving him a quarter-final chance


A toss up between Berrettini and Garin for me, although I think it's going to be massively draw dependent and as we saw in Monte Carlo, even someone of Lajovic's calibre could have a hot streak in them. I'd love this to be Basilashvili, so I'll cross my fingers for him!


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Berrettini! Has to be italian! HAS to be! :sneaky: Either him or Fognini (though with his most recent results, not sure he falls into "dark horse" category anymore...)


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I don't think that is quite accurate.

EDIT: Yeah, just checked - he made the QFs at Bucharest in 2016. That's about it though.
It is a HC stat I mistook for overall lack of wins. Thanks. Surprising that he got direct entry to Bucharest...TE shows no qualies required to play it. Romanians being WC generous to a Sicilian?