Who are you going to support in the men's singles final?

I am...

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...As a Federer, Nadal and Djokovic fan i...


...support world peace? :cool:

As a fan of neither i support Federer, which means i support the slam count, which means i support Djokovic... for now... But im quite ok with Nadal winning, just make it a good match! We must just be real glad none of the SFs was the final:eek:
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Nadal never beating Djokovic at the AO is the one fact that keeps the dullbots from claiming he has the highest peak level in every slam and remains a point of burning butthurt even for the most self-confident ones. Should Nadal win this, his turds will no longer be forced to grant an ounce of respect to others, making the boards utterly unbearable once again. For the sake of keeping one's tennis forum experience decent, Djokester has to send Rafitroll packing.
It's about time. One of the greatest rivalries in individual sports. Spectacle of tennis! Two genius. RG 2014 was their last GS finals. USO 2013 their last hardcourt finals. A long time ago. Probably another 5-hour epic we'll have here. Next generation is coming and coming and coming but the old guns are ruling! This is Sparta!


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I will stick my allegiance with Nolé Djokovic, for the simple reason that I've always greatly preferred him as a player. If their levels of achievement were identical, I'd still unhesitatingly get behind Nolé.


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I am rooting for Djokovic although I am not a Fed fan. It will be very interesting match as both are at the top of their powers. Let the better player win.


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Just like the last 4 AO finals, ill be watching at work :) Thank goodness we are dead this weekend ill basically be paying full attention :p


They are, organically if you will, my two favorite players of the last 15-20 years.
I like them equally, but have been a fan of Rafa for a little longer.
Either way, I'll be part-elated, and part deflated.
I'm leaning to supporting Rafa to fulfill the Double Career GS and Novak to take the French for the same milestone.
(They've both had several close calls at these venues.)
Heck, let them keep alternating titles the next couple years (as if it's that easy).


Vamos Rafa! I really want to see a high quality match and with both players spending roughly same time on court till reaching this final, they should have plenty of gas in the tank. Spectacular shotmaking, unbelievable angles, rallies etc. I mean, what's not to like for tennis fans? :)


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I opted for Team Nadal purely because I want to see Novak get some real competition in the non-clay Slams and not just let it be cut and dried for him which, to be honest, will be the case if Rafa is not up to the task either. There's nobody else out there who can challenge him at the moment.

A victory for Team Nadal will provide real competition for Team Djokovic and that's what the game badly needs.


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Does Nads ever poll highest...on anything? He's just not the top dog...ever...it's both funny and sad. :laughing::cry: Nads fanboi's always seeking even an ounce of respect, and never getting it.

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Just opened a new bag! Taste like theater popcorn too! Cost double that of the store brought popcorn with no salt, cooked in air and small kennels. This is the real deal!
What brand?


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This will be a relaxing final for me to watch. I respect both players tremendously and cannot wait to see them writing a new paragraph in tennis history book.
Double Career Grand Slam for Rafa? Stand alone record for AO titles in close and open era for Novak (and a shot for his SECOND Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam)? Can we get both???

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Novak in a super tie break would be an Epic on par with the Iliad and the Odyssey