Who could have predicted Novak would be 1-2 in RR ?


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But does hardcourt count?
Clay and grass has been around forever.
Hardcourt, not so much :)
Heck, hardcourt didn't even have a slam until recent decades....
Get a grip...literally! The Western grip was developed a century ago by American players to better handle the high bounce on their native HCs. The East Coast snobs that ran American tennis kept their national championship on grass so their Eastern grip players had a home court advantage (Tilden over Johnston). Don Budge from Oakland CA had to adjust to grass court tennis by hooking up with an East Coast coach before developing into a game good enough to win the Grand Slam in 1938.

Had tennis been a grass roots game back then, the US Nationals championship (now USO) would have been played on HCs decades before 1977, when the snobs lost power.

Same for Australia. All the young talent there grew up playing on anything but grass because keeping a playable grass surface in extreme climates is virtually impossible. Thankfully TennisAustralia moved away from antiquated grass and that move coincided with the AO becoming a strong fourth major.


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Now, who could have predicted Tsitsipas beating Fed 4 and 3 one day after losing a 3 hours marathon to Rafa ?

And 48 hours after Fed annihilated Novak ?

I'm starting to believe Rafa's the moral victor of WTF: he probably would be in the final had Medvedev beaten Zverev.