Who do you think has a bigger chance to beat Djokovic in the potential final, Fed or Nad?

Who has a bigger chance to take down Djoker in the final?

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Logic would've had them going 2nd at RG too. But they were on before Novak-Thiem.
No. There they were playing first during the whole tournament. If that's not enough Djokovic and Thiem also played their 1/4 finals on Thursday. And it was clear Djokovic-Thiem will be just as interesting if not more.


I just think all in all Djokovic is a bad match up for Fed on grass. If it was faster grass he'd be the obvious answer instead of Nadal. But on these conditions where it's low bouncing and slower, Djokovic can neutrilize Feds serve easier and he has more than half of it won already. It's bo5. For Federer it's really important that he can utilize his serve against Djokovic.

So Nadal would have a better chance. In a dog fight from the baseline Nadal can stand up better to Djokovic and protect his serve better.

So on current conditions, Nadal has the better chance.


IMO Nadal has a better chance to actually win but also to get smoked in straights, if that makes sense.
I really believe that as well. If Nadal get a break down early vs Novak - he could have a AO 2019 repeat.

With Fed, at least, his serving will keep it competitive.

Nadal is such a confidence player and is spooked against Novak.


There is no way Bautista can beat Djokovic in BO5. But if by some miracle this happens then the second semifinal will turn into a real war.
Why not? Bautista Agut seems even fitter than Novak, and Bautista's game often gives Novak some serious trouble.

The only thing that works in Novak's favor is the gravity of the situation. The fact that it is Wimbledon SF might help him with his focus and motivation, and he can hope that Bautista who is not a regular in the semis of grand slams might succumb under pressure.


None of them are at their peak, this is true. However, I noticed an interesting fact which nobody mentioned so far. For the second slam in a row they all reach the semifinals. The last time it happened before RG 2018 was in...RG 2012. Now that's some huge gap! For such a long time always one of them lost earlier. And now suddenly they are back to reaching the final stages together. Does it mean the tour really reached its lowest point?
But as I recall this my be the first time since 2012 where they are all playing well at the same time. Fed was off in 2013, nadal off in 2014 to 2016, Nole off in 2017 and half of 2018.


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Definately Nadal. Fed is simply two years divorced from the form he'd need to beat this version of Djoker imo. This is Fed's swan song, he's having fun, he's playing phenomenal considering his age. People should not be negatively judging any losses he takes at this point in his career.


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Djokovic wins either way but Nadal is a bigger threat, we've seen the best Fed had to offer in 2015 and it wasn't nearly enough.
2015 was a different (worse) Fed and a different (better) Djoker.

Nadal can compete. We seen what happened to Fed in Cinci when people thought he had a chance. He simply cant touch Djokovic anywhere now, and id worry about a beatdown for Fed in the final.
Nadal, I feel, will put up a better challenge.
Remember Paris 2018? Much closer.

I think Djokovic would rather face Rafa than Federer.


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Nadal for sure.
Truth to be told, whoever win will be scared ****less to face him in final.


Nadal can compete. We seen what happened to Fed in Cinci when people thought he had a chance. He simply cant touch Djokovic anywhere now, and id worry about a beatdown for Fed in the final.
Nadal, I feel, will put up a better challenge.
Let's not judge based on one match. I'd worry for a beatdown like Nadal got in the AO final this year. Dude won the same amount of games (more or less iirc) as Fed did in two sets against Djokovic at Cincy.

Overall, Nads would be less error prone, less mentally shaky against Djoke, so Nads has a better chance I agree.


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Federer hasn't been straight setted by Djokovic since RG 2012. I am not saying he is going to win, I am saying I doubt it will be a beatdown, Federer normally does have a couple of competitive sets in there.
Agree, its hard to do beatdown to servebot on grass... And Fed is mostly servebot against Novak who is much stronger from baseline...
Well, everybody knows how bad the young generation is. And nobody can say it is because the big 3 are so great. Young players are not even reaching them most of the time. But I think we have a real "proof" of this now.
I will say it's because big 3 are so great... They are mot so good as they were but its stiil too good for next generations... Problem is that everyone is expecting new ATG's of big 3 calibre to emerge, forgetting how special players they are... Even if some player of Edberg or Becker calibre showed question is if he would have 6 or seven slams and became ATG player as they are. Look at Thiem, without Nadal he would have 3 slams and have potential for Edberg type of ATG. With big 3 who are stiil great he can end carrier with few if even none slams... Have Becker, Edberg and sumilars reached sf's and f's of almost every slams, as we expect next gen players to do?

ATG's dont grow on trees and everyone should be avare of that....


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2015 was a different (worse) Fed and a different (better) Djoker.
Wrong! Fed is not better than he was in 2015. There is no way, 3 years later at almost 38, that he could come even close to producing something near that SF masterclass (vs Murray). There is nothing in his game that is better than 3 years ago, especially the serve, which is crucial if he were to beat Djoker. He even lost a set to an 'average' Nishikori, something he wouldn't have done back then.


Federer gave Djokovic a dogfight after that Cincinnati match in Paris Bercy, and was a bit unlucky not to have won that match. On his day Federer can compete very well with Djokovic.

I don't think Djokovic is putting a beatdown on either of them to be honest.
This. They all seem to be in form and playing with confidence. I don't see an easy victory for Novak or anyone else for that matter.


I would almost say Federer has better chances because Djokovic would have the pressure on him while Federer can just relax and he knows the fans would root for him. On the other side if Federer beats Nadal then expectations will rise as well. Sometimes I think Wimbledon is the worst place for Nadal to face Djokovic, even worse than AO.


It's going to be very tough but I believe Bull's improved serve gives him a real chance. With a beefier serve last season he would have won the damn thing. He needs to bring the same elite all-court play and aggressive approach combined with a big 1st serve % to win if it comes to that final.


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Not sure, Nadal was not that competitive at the AO this year.
He was coming off from a surgery , Dude pretty much couldn’t really force himself or sustain the level that it requires to keep it competitive with Djokovic at the AO. On grass the match up is closer than at any other surfaces though


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Its ok not to have tennis knowledge, but you could read here several times that RBA is not clay courter...
okay. a commentator/presenter mentioned he was not a grass player, although i do know he has done well on WO before and almost beat Fedr at Halle.


I’d say Fed if he’s serving well and aggressive. Rafa’s serve is just too susceptible to Novak’s returning and his inability to serve aces or unreturnables is really what has cost him against Novak