Who do you think is the most attractive female player to ever play in women's tennis?

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I Like The Looks Of A French Player.. I Forgot Her Name.. She Is Half Swedeish But Plays For France .. Is Very Young Tough .. But Sweet Looking And Tough Figher On The Court.. Anyone Know Who I Mean Out There?


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That's a tough question. There have been so many beautiful women to play this game.
Usually the most beautiful of them all are the ones you never hear about.


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I'm telling ya, Tatiana Golovin

She's so hot she burns with the intesity of a thousand suns! and take a really hard look at it, if ya know what i mean, theres kinda a revealing uh camel uh...


Aonex said:
Yeah, I know she's overhyped... but face-wise, she's gotta be up there.


sharapova is definitely up there. :D


audioaffliction said:
My vote would have to go to either Sharapova or Hantuchova, but seriously folks, how old are you guys?!?!? Those pics of Hantuchova make her look like she's a 12-year old! Egads, I think you'd have to be the same age or a pedophile to think she looks hot in those pics.

Haha, I agree!!! :)


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yeah thats a different maria

she seems like a nice person, this is an fyi thing but she's not the kinda person you'd think. shes into classical music n stuff likey dat


@wright said:
Norcal - you can ban me, but the vision of that ugly mug will be forever burned into your mind's eye. *evil laugh*

I just want to know what "Punoletstvo" means. Is it a werdy derd?
it means you are 18 years old (at least)


So happy to see Gaby's name is mentioned.... she is my favorite retired player. I had the luck to see her play in 90's and both her game and elegance impressed me a great deal!
Among those who are playing, Daniela Hantuchova is clearly an attractive player.

Gab for sure,
the only thing with Hantuchova is she doesn't look so attractive when she cries, which is pretty much all of the time


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Andrea Temesvari of Hungary, no doubts here.
(some of the above pictures may show her not in her prime)

6 feet tall, great, truly athletic body and very nice face.

This French poster says it all:

SportVox - le media citoyen - Le joueur le plus charismatique ...
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C'est une question qui me parait amusante et qui au moins laisse ... (Chis evert loyd (ses dessous à frou frou), Graf(ses jambes), sabatini (le visage), Andrea temesvary (tout) ...
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#1 Kirilenko #2 Kournikova #3 Dulko #4 Golovin #5 Dementieva (but she's #2 for who I'd like to marry) and then #6 Ivanovic.

Cirstea also does something for me.
As a product of 70's tennis, I must say it's Chris Evert, no contest for me. Her sheer playing ability made her even more "attractive":



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As a product of 70's tennis, I must say it's Chris Evert, no contest for me. Her sheer playing ability made her even more "attractive":

What's weird to me is that people go on and on about how they're making the females into sex symbols in sports, but look at the way they women were dressed in the 70's! Way more provocative back then, super short skirts and "panties." The women are covered up way more in tennis today.


Hall of Fame


Anne White


Kathy Rinaldi

Yes....Moses was in the crib next to me... :)

I remember Anne White wearing that... I believe it was only for one match. I also thought Sue Barker was pretty good looking at the time... and who was it that exposed herself at Wimbledon back then? I remember the event just not who it was that fell out of her halter.