Who do you want to win..Tsitsipas or Medvedev


I want a good final, so I hope for Medvedev in straight sets. I doubt it happens, so I suppose the final will he straight set beat down. It's been a strange tournament anyway: The tear, the back and the #114 ranked semifinalist.

A good final could save the tournament.


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Tstisipas is the only man standing between Medvedev and the title.
Djokovic's entire fate is in Tsitsipas' hands....
But seems a foregone conclusion, Medvedev leads Tsitsipas 5-1, so the end of Djokovic awaits.
Tsitsipas. Djokovic vs Medvedev would be lower quality versions of the grindfests that Djokovic vs Murray used to have at AO.


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Medvedev has all the tools to be the least liked number 1 ever, uninspiring game, not symmetrical body and a face that screams lose even when he wins.

Tsitsi, compared to him is like a Hollywood a-list actor.
I've never met a person who dislikes Medvedev.
And I've never met a person who likes Djokovic....


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Medvedev : Because
- hes my next favourite player after Roger. Hes genuine, honest and humble. Tispy is a showoff and sometimes jerk
- he can trouble Djokovic more than tipsy. Even novak is aware of that. He said talk about high level, theres Medvedev.

Medvedev has the potential to beat Djoker. It will be hell of a match.


After Djok retires from No.1 in 4 yrs and after 26 GS I'd like to see Medvedev there if anyone. Not Tsits.


Med. He has more chance in final. But I like Sisipas' game more but expecting him to get past Nadal - Ned - Djokovic is too much. So he better lose this time..
I just want 5 really long sets.
Me too! And honestly, I’ll be thrilled for the winner whomever it is. I’d say I’m more a “fan” of Medvedev, but I love watching Tsitsipas as well. And their styles are so polar opposite of one another! So yeah, I just want a long, tense, who’s gonna win type of match. Can’t wait to see who’s going to shut their phuck up!


Don't know how anyone could prefer Medvedev style over Tsitsipas. Not just the OHBH but flow. Medvedev is basically rich man Kevin Anderson.


Controversial take on this forum, but I find Medvedev way more interesting to watch than Stefanos.
When he’s pushed out of his comfort zone, forced to think a bit more on court, Medvedev’s a delight to watch. I usually gravitate more towards players like Stefanos (one hander, more natural all-court instincts), but something about his game looks so stiff – it really takes away from my aesthetic appreciation. Still enjoy watching him, but not as much as I might expect just hearing his game described.

And I find Medvedev to be a much more interesting and likable character. So unorthodox in so many ways. He’s a breath of fresh air.


Med! My fav out of the Next Gen bunch. But Tsitsi has a beautiful game and I wouldn't be mad if he made it to the final.