Who does not string the last cross..?


I was hitting with my RF's and noticed I forgot to string the last cross. I did not feel any significant difference, but I did feel I was hitting with a little more spin?!?!? Is this just me or have others also experimented with something like this? What were your results?

I want to try these on my 95D's, see what they play like as a 16x19..!!! :)


its a very slight feel difference if your not hitting that area with the ball
seldom do we hit the ball that far down,, but in that case it would feel better/softer because of the 1 less cross which offers resistance to impact

ive string in the past 1 less cross, mainly involuntary due to string running short on me (my own frame),,, but a couple days latter of hitting with it i restrung it because it became an eye sore 2me

i do however string my yonex.dual.g without the top cross, but i move that string to the bottom of the racket, where their is plenty of room for 1 more cross string
this does soften up the impact at the top of the racket


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When I was using NXG Mp's I would not string the first or last cross. So it went from 16x20 to 16x18. That racquet was so stiff in the upper hoop it was basically a dud.

With this setup the racquet played much softer and was actually fun to play with. .


Don't think it makes any difference. Not strining the last cross does make a 95D, for example, 16x19 but the string spacing in the center of the racquet does not change.
What you may get is some lower dynamic tension over the whole of the stringbed however.


Thanks, Guys. from what I made it of it --> having 1 less cross gave the mains a little more freedom to move, thus generate more spin. hmm..???

I guess not stringing a top cross would have a bigger impact on the racquet than compared to not stringing the bottom cross. Maybe I'll try that with my 95D and vcore 97. I do not like how the ball feels higher up in the hoop on the vcore 97 (lead at 10 and 2) when compared to the youtek prestige pro or the RF 97. Maybe it's a launch angle thing?


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I tried not stringing the top cross in my iRadical MP and noticed a softer stringbed with a higher launch angle. Not sure if this is due to a larger difference in tension between the mains and crosses.