Who does the wind favor?


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Murray obviously since he plays the percentage game. Berdych can't go for winners like he did against Fed now.


Murray is ranked 4 in the world, Berdych is ranked 7. One has a gold medal and four GS finals, the other has no medal and one gs final.

Wind or no wind, the better player remains the favorite.

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Can ya'll tell me who will have the advantage in the Djokovic/Ferrer match?

I'm thinking Ferrer actually as Djokovic won't be able to hit crazy winners as often.


Andy Murray... best wind player of all time!
LOL, nope. See 2009 Indian Wells. Murray got his clock cleaned while playing in a typhoon! I would say Federer is the best wind player ever after seeing what he did to Nadal this year as well as Andre Agassi 2004 US Open.


Wind favors and favored Andy Murray, for the following reasons,
1. Andy plays High Percentage tennis
2. he is more versatile and has lot more options to win a point. While Berdych is unidimentional, big serve and FH are his only 2 proven weapons.
3. Andy is better mover and hence can adjust to the ball moving in wind.

Second semifinal is tough to guess, I have not followed Ferrer match that much to comment on his skills. I he has an edge because he too has more shots in book than Djkovic, but Djker has heart of a lion.


Murray is better regardless, but defensive players will usually have the advantage. It is much harder to go for precision shots when the wind is moving the ball around so much.


The wind favors the grinder /steadier player.
agreed, the wind favors players that have the following qualities:

1. steady, consistent player
2. smart, percentage tennis player
3. player with the better slice
4. player with the lower ball toss on serve
5. player with the better movement
6. player that generates more RPMs

obviously, the more of these you have, the better in the wind. That's why Murray was so effective. He screwed around with the slice for the 3rd set and did just fine although Berdy caught fire late but still, the wind got the last laugh as he also had 64 UE.


Wind favors the player that can keep the ball in the court, heavy topspin, low ball toss on serve, etc. Hard flat hitters do not ever want to see wind.