who has home court in future davis cup ties?


henri Leconte

Does anyone know which countries have home court advantage in the future davis cup ties?


Well, so many possibilities, but this is how it flies I think: If Spain wins, and plays the swiss, swiss get home court (sadly, can I say grass?). If Spain plays France, Spain gets it. I don't care about the Netherlands, no way they can win....

Top Half: If USA plays Argentina, Argentina gets it (obviously clay, they'll win it). USA vs. Belarus: Never played, is it decided by lot, or is it higher ranked? Sweden vs. Argentina, Argentina gets it. Sweden vs. Belarus, never played, don't know who gets it.


SO ya, Us vs. Belarus in the US, Spain vs. France in Spain. For the final (excluding Belarus), US vs. Spain in Spain, US vs. France in US. VAMANOS SPAIN!!!

James Brown

vamanos is right too because vamos is a verb...different situations call for different spellings/uses. vamos espana is correct, not vamanos...