Who has the best avatar between me and...

Who has a better avatar?

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Prince of Tennis?:D lol Sorry to start another thread like this but I have to know what you all think.:) I know I'll probably *sniff* only get like 2 votes(me and(maybe)Fee)*sniff sniff*, but I just have to see*tear runs down face*.:cry: Thanks for *sniff* taking part in our poll lol.
Haha come on now! I have to win its federer! LoL jk Scoville looks so down in that picture...Like he knows he is going to lose muhahaha


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And you obviously voted for each other. Anyway, I'm going to vote POT because I like him better......not necessarily his avatar, but my votes going his way.

NB. all cash offerings can be sent to me c/-o my email addie.


Hey, I've got a lot more votes than I figured I'd have by now, yay!:D And I could still win, I just need to get another 2 votes and then get a vote for every vote Prince gets lol.:p