Who has the most years between their first and last Slam appearance ?


Rosewall for singles in men AO 51-78 for 27 years followed by Federer (99FO-21WMB) Connors (70USO-92USO) at 22 years.

Daniel Nestor 92 AO to 18 USO is 26 but including doubles.


Just appearing for a slam is not enough.

Biggest span of winning slams in the open era - Serena - 17.5 years
Biggest span of appearing in a grand slam final - Serena - 20 years

However if doubles included and just appearing for a slam, the it is Navratilova for sure....


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Nobody will beat Rosewell on the men’s side if you include pre open era. Federer would be probably top now if only open era


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Bill Tilden played competitive matches (not including juniors) from 1912 to 1951, although his full-time schedule ended in 1946 and there was also WW2 before that which limited play.


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At one slam, his country’s part of the quartet, Jimbo Connors attempted to qualify in 1969 just before his 17th birthday. He last played USO in 1992 and missed just once due to injury and wrist surgery in 1990, the year prior to The Last Hurrah SF. That’s 23 years and all in the Open Era on three different surfaces.