who is the best @Wimbledon:Steffi Graf (or) Martina Navratilova

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  1. TENNISism

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    Jun 9, 2010
    I know both are wonderful champions. Navratilova won 9 times and Graf won 7 times out of 14 attempts. Pen is mighter than sword.Similarly,impression and playing style are better than numbers. Just tell your choice,because both are equally greatest for me.
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    Jul 29, 2008
    Didn't you make another thread just like this? If not you, then somebody did. Use the search function, buddy!
  3. TENNISism

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    Jun 9, 2010
    the old thread removed,because of spelling mistake in players name. So that we can discuss here.
  4. LDVTennis

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    May 22, 2007
    Head to Head

    2-1 for Graf.

    The last set of the two Graf wins were beatdowns.
  5. Limpinhitter

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Martina at her prime over Steffi's prime on grass. Too strong, to fast, too athletic at the net.
  6. davey25

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    Oct 5, 2004
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    You cant go wrong either way but I would go with Graf. Had she stayed healthy she was likely on her way to winning 9 or even 10 Wimbledons. She would have have been the heavy favorite in 1997 and 1998. As it is she couldnt so Martina has the record and deservedly so. However both in their primes could go either way and I think Graf might even have a slight edge. She has an even slightly better serve, especialy 2nd serve. She is atleast Martina's equal in athleticsm which no women of Martina's era other than the headcase Mandlikova was. She is much stronger from the baseline. And while she is no Martina at the net, she can volley competently enough to come forward and take the net away from Martina on occasion should she need to.

    As for Martina's "prime" many have a laughable perception of that. I have heard many say poor Martina was an old washed up hag when Graf began beating her and eventually dominating her in the late 80s. Martina did not even win her 3rd slam title and win 2 slams in the same year for the first time until she was TWENTY FIVE years old. Before that point she was Lindsay Davenport or worse. And Martina is often lauded as the queen of longevity. So a player who didnt begin their prime until 25 atleast is supposably washed up at only 30 and is still the queen of longevity. Umm no. If Martina really deserves any praise for her longevity she sure as heck was still in her prime in her early 30s when her career was mostly squat all (for a great) until halfway through her 20s.

    Martina reached 10 of her 12 Wimbledon finals and won 7 of her 9 Wimbledons aged 25 to 33. Martina won 16 of her 18 slam titles and reached 24 of her 31 slam finals aged 25 to 34.

    The Martina that Graf played and regularly beat in the late 80s was far better than the Martina in her teens, or even the Martina ages 20, 21, 23, 24. If teenaged Graf had played that Martina instead, the Martina who couldnt even beat 33 year old nearly retired Court, Janet Newburry, Betty Stove, Wendy Turnbull, 16 year old Pam Shriver, 15 year old Tracy Austin, Sylvia Hanika,and others in many of the slams she was playing, then a teenaged Graf would have smacked her down even more soundly, and since Graf would still be even younger than Martina this whole "prime" theory would fly out the window. Contrast that to the 87-89 period she was dethroned by Graf. Nearly all her slam defeats were to multi Slam Champions who had all beaten her in previous years- Graf, Evert, Mandlikova. The only ones that werent were a loss to Sukova, who had stopped Martina's "Grand Slam" quest in Martina's best year ever in 1984 as a 17 year old; to top 5 player of the time Zina Garrison which was her only loss ever to her including many to come so likely a bit of a fluke anyway; and to Natalia Zvereva who was a top 5 player in 1988 and which was at the French were Martina in her prime fell to the likes of Horvath and Hanika anyway.

    It is also comical to hear Martina supporters in the past gloat Martina had the disadvantage of being 13 years older and still be 9-9 head to head overall. Well Martina played her first 10 matches vs a 16 and 17 year old Graf who was clearly not in her prime yet Martina was still the dominant #1 so they in fact played slightly over half their matches in Martina's prime and not in Steffi's at the very least. On top of that Martina went out of her way to avoid Steffi on slower surfaces- clay, rebound ace, even some slower hard court events, after 16 year old Graf destroyed a prime Martina in a tier 1 final in early 1986. The only one she played was the French and Australian for a bit (then began skipping both after the 88 AO). So nearly all their matches were on faster surfaces like grass and other fast courts both love, and hardly any on the slower surfaces where Martina was no match at all for Graf. Yet despite all this the head to head is still 9-9.
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