Who is the second best HC player so far in 2017?

Second best HC player of the year so far?

  • Nadal

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • Zverev

    Votes: 10 40.0%

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Nadal's best results: Australian Open RU, Miami RU, Acapulco RU.

Zverev's best results: Champion in Montreal, Washington, Montpelier.

So Sascha has won three titles including a Masters and a 500 but only reached the 3R in Melbourne and has failed to get past the QF stage at any of the other Masters events. Nadal hasn't yet won a HC title but his consistency has been slightly more impressive heading into the USO and at the biggest tournament so far he performed much better and actually beat Zverev along the way. I think I might have to give the slight edge to young Alexander on this one but I'm just wondering what the rest of you think?


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To say Nadal is the second best player on hardcourt this year is ignorant. Same as to say that Thiem was the second best on clay, when all he won is a useless 500 title.


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AO final is like winning 2-3 masters. Add 2 more finals to that and it is impressive.

Zverev was close to losing in early rounds in both Washington and Montreal to Thompson and Gasquet