Who is your favorite player?


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I know this thread might've been done before many times...but it's somewhat of a "fun" thread. So, who's or who are your player(s). It can be both in the ATP or WTA.

My favorite player to watch is James Blake and then Federer in second.

d wayne

Fernando Gonzalez. Always entertaining to watch. Not always the smartest player on the court, but he gives an honest effort. Whenever I watch him, I find myself shaking my head at so many shots- some admiring the explosiveness of his shots & some wondering where he ever thought of hitting a winner from tough spots on the court.
His matches become fun for the fans


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After seeing Tursunov play for the first time during the final of the Countrywide Classic, he's quickly movin' up to the top of my list! Currently, I love watching Serena Williams, Elena Dementieva, Amelie Mauresmo, and Martina Hingis from the WTA and James Blake, Oliver Rochus, Richard Gasquet, Marat Safin, and Tommy Haas from the ATP.

OK, so I just love watching tennis in general! :)


My favorite players to watch play the game would probably be Federer, Santoro, and Nadal. Paes is also very entertaining.

My favorite to win of course though is Roddick.


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atp: definitely safin. berdych and djokovic would be next best thing. gasquet is somewhere up there too.

wta: jankovic, myskina, serena williams



ATP: Roddick, Nadal
WTA: Mauresmo, Clijsters

All time:
ATP: Connors, McEnroe, Edberg
WTA: Evert, Austin, Graf, Sabatini

If I could only pick 1, it would be Connors. Just such an indomitable will to win. People always talk about his epic 5 set matches during his storied run to the semis at the 1991 U.S. Open, and those were amazing matches, but he did that a lot in his career.


i love watching agassi play.
i also like watching blake but i always feel like he could break down at any moment so its harder to watch him.


It was always Agassi, now it's no one, really. If Safin gets his act together and starts going deep in Slams again, I'll be a bigger fan of him. Right now I'm sort of off him. Baghdatis is pretty cool. And I like Roddick and Blake, mostly just to see them win since it means so much to them.


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On court is definately Safin - he has such passion and it's always fun to see a racket or two broken during a match. Off court has to be Tursunov with his blog. A great sense of humour goes a long way in winning people's affection.

vive le beau jeu !

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roger, marcos, richard, etc.

i'll quote myself, that's easier... :rolleyes:
vive le beau jeu ! said:

(if we talk about really active players)

Jesse K.

Since Agassi is gone I would say...
Safin when he's not womanizing...
Nadal...for entertainment value
Federer...for tennis ability

Sharapova...she's so pretty? No actually she's a pretty dang good player.
Dementieva...except I feel like she's going to blow the match at any second.


Most entertaining for me was Henri Leconte. It's hard to say who's my favorite because there are so many outside of the obvious Agassi, Federer, Sampras, Becker, Lendl etc group.

For those that remember Leconte, he was a funny guy on the court and seemed to not take Tennis that seriously. He would come up with shots that were unbelieveable and laugh about it. He was a crowd pleaser and enjoyed every minute of a match. Fantastic personality and I actually miss him.


My favorite active players are, in no order, Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safin, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, Richard Gasquet, and Juan Carlos Ferrero.


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Federer is fun and often imaginative, Safin has a lot of 'energy' ; Mauresmo for her all court play and recently Ivanovic (seen her in Montreal).


Federer, but his matches are sometimes not very exciting because he would win them too easily unlike the past champions.


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I like to watch old tapes of Berasategui and Courier. No current players have the distinctive forehand forehand swings they had.


If its a close match, I'll watch anyone. I'm not fussy.

If not, its always fun to see Fed conjure up some magic, or Nadal run around like he's possessed. I'll usually watch Murray's matches and Gasquet's backhand if they're on too.

As for the WTA, if they're blonde and Russian, I'll be watching ;)


I think Blake, Tursunov, and Roddick have the most fun games and really try to blow the opponent off the court. I don't like Roddick's persona and so the other two are probably my favorite. Back in the day I really liked Henman vs. Sampras matches. Probably my favorite of all time in matchups, even if it was lopsided almost every time. I was young then though and I should have taped them :-|

Henin-Hardenne is kinda fun, don't really watch WTA much but her little body with the one hander bh is pretty cool.

croatian sensation

I think everyone already knows it...but let me repeat it for the 100th time :)

ATP: Coria and Đoković would be my absolutley fav players. Although there are like 5-6 more that I cheer for.

WTA: I don't follow it that much...but Penetta and Henin-Hardenne are my picks.


ATP: Gasquet (godlike backhand, ja?), Nadal(His persistence prevails, lovely..), Gonzalez(A strong fighter), Ferrero(Speed and elegance), Verdasco(Another strong fighter with interesting raw power), Santoro(Always fun to watch his skills), Baghdatis (I love this malaka) and Federer of course..

WTA: Clijsters, Mauresmo, Hingis and Henin-Hardenne.


When it comes to stylish play, no-one can beat Santoro. In my book, he's the consummate master of that flair that the French are so proud of.

His match against Federer at last year's US Open (or was it the year before) was an absolute pleasure to watch. Three sets, but each was very close, and both men - and the spectators - had big smiles on their faces at the end of it.

(With Fed's face showing just a touch of relief also - because Fabrice had given him some trouble with his quirky but often very effective play.)


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Keifers said:
I admire your avatar and signature immensely.

But I don't admire your #1 pick here.

Won't you please reconsider?? :( :D

Keifers, what's wrong with Mcenroe? I grew up idolizing the guy. I know he acted like a "monster" and spolied brat on the court, but the guy gave us some amazing tennis.




By the way, I agree about Santoro. Guy is definitely a lot of fun to watch.


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My favorite player is Fernando Gonzalez. Seeing him playing is really exciting ,he always have some impressive shots. Is not a coincidence that the last month he was nominated two times for the "best play of the week".


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Favorite players . . .

All Time: Men: Mats Wilander, then Jim Courier
Women: Chris Evert, then Steffi Graf

Current: I really like Dmitry Tursunov and Nicholas Kiefer, but I enjoy watching Santoro play because he is a magician on the court.

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01. Marcos Baghdatis, 'cause he's a nice guy and actually shows emotion on the court.
02. Benjamin Becker, 'cause he owned Old Man Agassi and put him back in his place.
03. Roger Federer, 'cause... well, he's just awesome.

01. Maria Sharapova, 'cause she livens up the court. 'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'
02. Na Li, although I don't know why. I've liked her ever since I saw her against Williams in Aus Open first round.
03. Martina Hingis, 'cause she's a diva and plays good tennis.