Who likes pancakes?


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Here are a few guys that like pancakes, both the ones they eat and the ones they give out to earn the bucks for eating more pancakes:


Dan Lobb

Best pancakes I ever had was at Cracker Barrel. Great with their genuine imitation maple syrup.

Best waffle, that goes to Waffle House. If you can stand going into their disgustingly filthy restaurants.
At Cracker Barrel, I ask for some honey which I use in preference to the syrup....very good change.

Here is my favourite small-town breakfast spot (closes early afternoon, get there early enough) which my wife and I have tried many times. My cousin owns a

golf course in the area, so we are regulars when there.

Don't be fooled by the name, I do not go for the bagels, but for the French toast or pancakes, the Maine maple syrup.

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I’m going to try Nutella on Pancakes soon...think it will be a good combination. I had Strawberries and Nutella last week, was pretty sweet.


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What are your favorite toppings?
I use unsweetened applesauce generously sprinkled with Ceylon cinnamon and oat bran on my waffles. Have sometimes also sprinkled on some lecithin granules. Will have to try this combo on my pancakes -- not had any in quite a long time.