who should andy play mixed doubles with


Martina Navratilova
Decades ago Martina Navratilova had asked Martina Hingis to play a trournament, thinking that would be cool.. Which it would have been being named after her and all...... But the little s**t declined. I thought that sad and frankly, low class. How cool would that have been, if only the young Martina had had a sense of history?

Enough thread drift.... back to Murray playing mixed at W. I hope he finds someone - I'd watch that.


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What about Jelena Jankovic (she seems to have plenty of time on her hands these days)? She's got form partnering a Murray (won 2007 Wimbledon with Jamie) so it might bring back happy memories for her!
Garcia maybe?, with the women you do see more top women's players being doubles players as well, unlike the men because its physically to draining, so many like Ash are entered into both at Wimbledon so to take on mixed as well? probably needs as a player who does not think they are are going to have a shot at singles


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I was hoping he'd be able to play with Laura Robson. They had good chemistry at the London Olympics, and she is also struggling to return from hip surgery. But it seems like her rehab is going poorly.


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Are you sure ? Just seems to lots of joking around the subject in the media
Konta is not really an enthusiastic doubles players anyway not convinced it would work.
Was is the UK press: "Judging by her reaction to the idea, she intends to reserve her energies for a concerted crack at the singles title <...> Nevertheless, Maria Sharapova and Barbora Strýcová are among those who would be keen to play with Murray"

Sharapova, yeah! – time to start a career in doubles!


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It seems like a lot of top women are already entered into the women's doubles, so perhaps it'll be a lady who's only entered into singles or only doubles. Having said that, maybe a player may be willing to forego women's doubles to play with Andy. How often do players play all 3 events unless they're expecting to lose early in singles?
I think he needs an accomplished singles player who has also won plenty of doubles - best bet being someone who is also in form. I'd probably say someone like Garcia or Azarenka who can hold their own and not be seen as a weak target. I know he has had good things to say about both in the past, and he lost the Olympics mixed final vs Azarenka, so that'd make sense. Andy also has a lot of fun during practice, so probably someone a bit jokey would link up well.