Who was biggest underachiever of Stich, Ivanisevic, Cash, Krajicek

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Who was biggest underachiever

  1. Michael Stich

  2. Goran Ivanisevic

  3. Pat Cash

  4. Richard Krajicek

  1. kiki

    kiki Banned

    Feb 17, 2010
    I watched Krajicek S&V his way up to an important clay court title.He was a great player.
  2. Bobby Jr

    Bobby Jr Legend

    Jul 5, 2010
    And yet the year he won Wimbledon, when he beat Becker he was hitting inside-out backhand return winners - something which Becker fumed about (as if implying they were just flukes).

    I voted for Stich here over Ivanisevic and Krajicek because, while they had the power to simply blow people off the court, Stich was the one who seemed to have the rare composure to get him deep into tournaments a lot more often than either of the others. I am more surprised he didn't achieve more than he did but not at all for Krajicek and Ivanisevic.

    Cash was similarly talented but was really an era earlier than the other three. His playing style wouldn't have footed it all that well after about 92... he was to outgunned - even on grass. His volleys were great but his ground-strokes and serve were falling further behind his peers even by the time he retired (notwithstanding his injury issues).

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