Who will win more slams?...Osaka or Andreescu?

Who will win more slams?

  • Osaka

    Votes: 55 65.5%
  • Andreescu

    Votes: 29 34.5%

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red rook

Osaka leads this early slam count 2:1, but Andreescu just got to the scene. H2H is 1:0 in favor of Osaka.

Who will win more slams?


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Osaka. Andreescu has an injury, but who knows. Also can we have a poll?


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Very tough to say really.
I like both players. They both seem to have the 'it' factor. That is talent, fearlessness, AND the mental side, which is key.

Of course at this stage, being a Canadian, I will root for Andreescu going forward.
But that could be 'subject to change' in a couple of years. :)


-i chose Osaka because she dont-sukaa, haaa
-actually it was to show yonex luv!!
-but damm thats a tuff choise, both good!! @red rook (y)
-as long as osaka can keep her sh^t together mentally, she will be good
-Andreescu is also good, but need to remain healthy

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Just give Osaka some more Serena finals and she’s golden lol.



Because if Osaka wins another big tournament she will promptly fire her coach and never win another.


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I'm Canadian so a bit biased but I gotta go with Bianca. She has a steadier game that pretty much no one on tour seems to solve at the moment. Osaka can be a big hot/cold at times, but when she's zoning she's nearly impossible to beat.

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Barring injury, Andreescu. She has more power and variety, and can think her way out of tough matches. She is also far more consistent than Osaka.

I think she will also give herself more chances as she is a legitimate shot on every surface.

I don't think Osaka will win another major now unless she goes back with Sascha Bajin (which is unlikely because of the way the split was handled). Bajin is a unique, Svengali-style coach who is very good at motivating already-talented players to get the best out of then. She never looked like the same player after splitting with him.

I hope Andreescu lands with the right team who has her best interests at heart in terms of managing injuries
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They both have a big problem. Osaka inconsistency. Andreescu injuries. I guess Osaka will come out ahead something like 5 to 4 if I had to predict.
Osaka can win a lot more than 5 IMO. I can see her having a Serena-like career where she just f*cks off every now and again and then comes back to play some tennis and bags a few Slams. If she stays injury free, she can win a lot of free points due to how much power she generates.
Osaka can win a lot more than 5 IMO. I can see her having a Serena-like career where she just f*cks off every now and again and then comes back to play some tennis and bags a few Slams. If she stays injury free, she can win a lot of free points due to how much power she generates.
She could for sure I agree. Or she might collapse altogether as she has done in the last year before Corona and not even reach 5 (or heaven forbid stay at 2). Really anything is possible. Anything from 2 or 3 to 12. Like all things WTA it is unpredictable. Osaka and Andreescu both have the goods to easily win a lot of slams in the wide open WTA, but both have questions around them too.

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I'm going with Osaka, even though she appears to be mentally fragile at times. Bianca has a fat girl inside her that is liable to come out at any moment. I don't trust her fitness.


If Bandreescu can stay healthy it could be a hell of a race between them on the hard courts, but that seems a pretty big if based on what we've seen so far. Wouldn't surprise me if she became another of the big What If's in tennis. Hell, Osaka could end up the same way if she can't dig out from deep down inside whatever Bajin got out of her. Especially with how rich she is now she could get real lazy, real easy.

To be honest I'm more interested right now in seeing if either of them can succeed on clay or grass.


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The way all these modern female tennis players play is really a result of the impact of Monica Seles. She changed the women's tennis game, attacking from both sides, power from both sides, grunting, hitting the ball on the rise, intense on every point, etc. Even Serena has said this. Both Osaka and Bianca kind of remind of Monica. The same for Azarenka, Serena, etc. She is missed!


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Osaka is the better player. Bianca is stronger mentally though but also incredibly injury prone.

Osaka will definitely win more majors.


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Have to put my money on Osaka because of Andreescu's injury problems however I don't know if I'd be expecting either to rack up huge numbers of slams until they prove they can be all surface players. Right now they are sort of hard court specialists
Good question. I think it depends on which one of them is comfortable playing on clay and grass. Chris Evert mentioned during today's broadcast that Naomi prefers hard courts (we all knew this), but even when she's down in Florida at the training facility, given the option of hard court or green clay, Naomi opts for hard court.

Chris did mentioned that prior to coming to the Western Southern Open, Naomi spent 2 weeks in LA training on clay in order to get a jump start to the clay season.


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For Osaka, think Agassi type career.
For Andreescu, unfortunately, think del Potro. Maybe with a little bit more luck.


Right now concerned about the health of Andreescu moving forward. Osaka also is a bit injury prone but apparently isn't in the habit of wrecking her knee.

It's a bit gutting because I was SUPER excited about Andreescu and I just hope that she can get on top of things.


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I like both. Bianca's game more so.
But I think Naomi will win more slams given Bianca's injury issues so far.