Who will win the 2005 Australian Open

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  1. I think the winner will be either Agassi or Federer. I would love to see this re-match. I look for Haas and Hewitt to go far, but Safin, I don't think so. Same for Roddick. I think Roddick is heading in the right direction by hiring a new coach and coming to net more often. But as we've seen with Tiger Woods in the world of golf, change takes time. For his sake, I hope Roddick stays patient; I have no doubt about his hunger. Back to Safin: he played terribly at the Hopman Cup. Of course I won't be surprised if he bounces back. Safin is just too interesting a guy to ignore.
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    I'd go with Agassi, then Federer. I think AA is going ot give it his all this year. Would love to see them in the finals.
  3. Nike Tennis2005

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    Feder will win...No doubt.

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