Who wins: Peak Federer vs. Peak Djokovic on clay?


Peak Federer (06-11) vs Peak Djokovic on Clay (11-16) = Peak Federer win more often that not, Rome 06 Fed would beat Rome Novak 2011.

But vs Nadal, it is the game of Novak which fares slightly better due to his double handed backhand.

Hence Novak is a better player overall on Clay.
Peak Fed actually lost a set when this un-hypothetical match took place in 2011, or was world #1 who won 3 slams not peak?
You think 2011 was Peak Fed!? :-D The old, deeply out of prime, heavily declined 2011 Fed!? :-D Put 2006 Fed on clay out there with peak Djokovic, and be prepared for some Peak Fed fireworks. I seriously doubt Djokovic wins a game in this hypothetical scenario tbh...
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Federer in 4. His bigger hitting & ability to neutralize Djokovic Backhand will make the serb suffer.

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I personally think Fed in 4 tight sets. We already saw a glimse at Rg 11' although Fed wasn't really ultra peak then (06/07 clay Fed).
Peak Fed def. peak Opportunistivic on grass.

Peak Fed def. peak Opportunistivic on HC.

Peak Fed def. peak Opportunistivic on clay.



One thing I respect about Federer is that he has a lion's roar, like any great athlete:

There is nothing cringe about this roar, it's manly, evocative and intimidating. Controlled, poised.

Meanwhile.... cringeovic...

That is not a roar... that is a scream. Look at the craziness in those eyes... yikes.


Probably Federer because he’s so clutch in hypothetical matches
It is just plain retar*ed at this point...

People just continue to feed their illusion with hypothetical federer lol...If he was that good he would had won the end..

Evidence that we can analyze clearly shows that Djokovic is superior player on clay...

Rest is useless or nonsense..


Would depend on the conditions imo

but yes peak Federer when his serve+FH is really, really on. would beat Djokovic more often than not. I don’t know how this is still debated around here, it’s rather evident if you understand tennis.

of course Federer playing slightly below his best or in sub optimal conditions, might lose.


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I like how OP went from full on hate on Federer and onto Djokovic, literally went nuts since RG SF this year loool.

Must've hurt like hell.


Also RG 2011 was an incredible match, close and hard fought, and could have easily gone 5 or even the other way. It’s one of my favorite matches ever. Fed served really, really clutch this match. Djokovic was also very good, even great, for the most part. Imo it’s their highest quality Slam meeting.

shame on you for using it for propaganda purposes. A pity that some of the greatest events in tennis history have now been reduced to mere rhetorical devices on here, lol.
If we talk about peaks i say Roger clay peak was in 2009 when he beat Nadal at Madrid masters final and won RG.In that same year Novak defeated him in Rome SF,so i ll rather say Novak have defeated prime Roger beaing himself far from his prime-loose RG RG to Kohlschreiber