Who would be a good coach for Shapo?


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I don't want to jinx things, BUT, Marty Laurendeau has been off for 4 months now with a back injury and 19 year old Denis is trying to find his way. His mother has been a wonderful coach, but he needs someone at this critical juncture to step in and help him deal with some of his "problems".

Wouldn't many a coach salivate over taking on a student who has so much raw talent but so many areas that could benefit from coaching; return of serve, point construction, risk management, emotional management?

So, in my somewhat made-up scenario that Denis needs a new coach, who would you pick??

(I do want to stress that I would love to see Marty come back, as he's done a great job with a handful of a student.)


Laurendeau needs to be back. In the future, maybe McEnroe but it's too much for him right now.


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Cahill, but I seriously doubt he'd take the job. But Denis desperately needs a grounded, professional coach who is both a really good player and who has coached ATG's. Cahill fits the bill. But Denis is going to have to win events before Killer will even bother with him.


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Stefan Edberg would be a good fit. And, we shouldn't assume what Cahill would, or wouldn't do. He has said many times on broadcasts how much he admires Denis and his skill.


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Cahill is already coaching Halep, so he's not available. And Edberg has coached one player, the GOAT. He's not going to start a coaching a player who has never won an event. Denis might attract someone of Anders Jarryd caliber as a coach, but not Edberg.