Who would win?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by unjugon, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. unjugon

    unjugon Rookie

    Apr 26, 2006
    ...between the best Guga vs today´s Nadal on clay?

    I´ll say Guga on one of his 5 set victories, like those vs Medvedev, Muster, or Kafelnikov. He was a monster on 5-setters!
  2. Moose Malloy

    Moose Malloy Legend

    Dec 27, 2005
    I was just looking at Gugas match stats on atptennis archves. The guy served an inordinate amount of aces for a great claycourter. His game is much less taxing than Nadal's, so I like his chances.

    Nadal is no doubt a great clay player, but he is winning all these matches against a lesser field than Guga did(as you said Muster, Medvedev, Kafelnikov, Ferrero, Corretja, Bruguera)

    Nadal is beating guys like Djokovic, Ferrer, Gaudio(really the most pathetic competitor I've seen in 20 years of following tennis. Makes Rios look like Jimmy Connors), & now what Ljubicic in the semis?
  3. Max G.

    Max G. Legend

    Feb 18, 2004
    Not a clue, too hard to predict... Kuerten was so damn GOOD on clay, but Nadal is even more dominant.
  4. unjugon

    unjugon Rookie

    Apr 26, 2006
    Latest on Guga, at 7/6/2006:

    "Guga, "empresário da moda", assiste a desfile no Fashion Rio e diz que deve voltar às competições no final de julho"
    from his website

    He says he should be back competing by late July.:D
  5. unjugon

    unjugon Rookie

    Apr 26, 2006
    Guga´s head to head:

    vs Agassi: 4-7
    vs Sampras: 1-2
    vs Muster: 3-0
    vs Moya: 5-3
    vs Corretja: 6-2
    vs Costa: 6-2
    vs Rusedski : 1-4 (?)
    vs Rafter: 4-4
    vs Kafelnikov: 7-5
    vs Hewitt: 1-3
    vs Bjorkman: 1-2
    vs Berasategui: 2-1
    vs Henman: 3-5
    vs Norman: 7-4
    vs Ivanisevic: 6-2
    vs Ferrero: 2-3
  6. oscar_2424

    oscar_2424 Legend

    Sep 5, 2005
    Hallandale, Florida
    Nobody can beat the best GUga
  7. This is a tough one.

    Guga's long arms and loopy, loosey-goosey strokes really let him crack the forehand and drive the ball, redirecting it cross court on the back hand, or driving anything short on the backhand up the line with equal consistancy. But the key might be he had good hands and great coverage (reach) at net. Only required average anticipation and reaction time and could put away the volleys on the attempted pass. (He had nice touch on the dropper too.) And, of course, tough to lob him, given his height.

    Finally, Guga's serve was underrated. (Though someone above noted it.) It would certainly help him hold consistently.

    I'll stay on the fence on this one, and say this hypothetical match would dang close and fun to watch!
  8. LowProfile

    LowProfile Professional

    Mar 10, 2006
    What does that mean? Rios look like Jimmy Connors? Connors was a far more accomplished and successful (although in my mind, not as talented) player than Rios ever was.
  9. Re: Gudio, Rios, Connors.

    Very spicy food (such as salsa with habenero chilis in it) makes relatively spicy food (a milder salsa with jalepenos) seem flavorless (like mashed potatoes) BY COMPARISON.

    Thus a mental midget such a Guadio makes the relatively weak mental toughness of Rios seem strong BY COMPARISON. Strong like Connors.

    This has been Analogies 101 with Dr. Guganfan, Ph D. There is no homework for next time. Just work on your mental toughness in matches. Dismissed.

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