Who would you rather have commentating?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by wt888usa, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. wt888usa

    wt888usa Rookie

    Jul 6, 2004
    Well it seems there's a general disliking of the current tennis commentators (american tv), mcenroe, cliff, etc. i do like the ones that are on the matches that andyc puts up though. anyway, question is, which tennis personalities or current commentators of other sports (or anyone at all for that matter) would you want to see commentating tennis? my votes are:

    1. John Madden (Boom! He hit that serve so hard it was like a [insert stupid metaphor here])
    2. Dick Vitale (Sharapova the diaper dandy, babyyyyyy!)
    3. Andre Agassi (when he retires) and Pete Sampras - this only works if they're doing it at the same time
  2. joe sch

    joe sch Legend

    Feb 19, 2004
    Hotel CA
    I think you mean Pmac, as in Patrick, who many dont really care for. I like Johnny Mac, and believe many others also do. Also, why not more Currier ? He is great announcer !
  3. sliceroni

    sliceroni Professional

    Feb 20, 2004
    Actually when Todd Martin was a guess commentator at the USO 2 yrs ago he was real good, non-biased and very elloquent in his description of the match.
  4. Datacipher

    Datacipher Banned

    Apr 13, 2004
    John Mcenroe A(used to be an A+) Still the most interesting and insightful personality and commentator out there...eccentricities/weirdness show through more just like on his talk show but still....

    Pat Mcenroe C- (used to be a C+) Used to be a bland but likeable and solid commentator with some insight....has replaced blandness with obnoxious, sarcascastic attitude.

    Mary Carillo F (used to be a B) Used to be a decent 3rd person in the booth...despite stealing all her catchphrases and stories from others...now...makes even more mistakes in the stories....(entertainment over authenticity! should be her logo) and covers lack of insight with stupid puns

    Cliff Drysdale C- (used to be a D) Never really had a clue about how the modern game is being played, still doesn't. But compared to his partners, his pleasant voice alone now seems good enough to make him passable and you you almost feel sorry for him being in the booth with people like Carillo and Pat Mac.

    Fred Stolle C+ (used to be a C+ ;-) Hard to understand accent and sometimes didn't contribute much except weird Aussie phrases and out of touch ideas about the modern game. However, again, compared to what we have now....was at least not annoying.

    Tony Trabert B+ Personality pretty much non existent, but technical knowledge of mechanics and the game were unparalleled. His book on serving alone....while useless....is impressive in the thought that went into it!

    Pat Summerall A Didn't say much....as he shouldn't in a 3 man booth, let his booth mates add the color and asked the right questions but his impressive deep voice chimed in just enough with authoritative sound bites.

    Ted Robinson A Asks good questions of his color people just like Summerall....while lacking Summerall's voice, he makes up for it by being flexible and pleasant and being able to cover those moments when John Mcenroe's strange and edgy comments and interpretations make everyone uncomfortable

    Jim Courier B Possibly a bit biased towards certain players but overall solid and deserves more time on air.

    Barry Mackay B+ Sometimes criticized for lack of insight and redundant comments but I felt he more than made up for it with sheer enthusiasm for the game and players.

    Vitas Gerulaitis B Very likeable, some insight. Stumbled on words occasionally, definitely a loss.

    Jimbo Connors C- Never ever showed his true side and true feelings, diplomatic to the point of extreme blandness. Unable to consistently express thoughts clearly. Stumbled constantly over words and phrases....often reversing common phrases...yes, we know what you meant but....

    Arthur Ashe C+ Somewhat obnoxious know it all but definitely said what he thought even though it often didn't match what everyone else was thinking. Came across as a bit cranky and intolerant. Still, a thoughtful man and missed.

    Bud Collins B Again, criticized and disliked. Yes, he said wacky things, and made too many obscure references. Still, the man knew the game and players like no one else, there should be a place for him in a broadcast.

    Tim Ryan C+ Not a great voice, but enthusiastic and likeable. Not a great commentator but the best late night recap host of all time.

    Bill Macatee B Good, solid, non remarkable

    Mal Washington D+ (up from D-)

    Jim Lampley F A smug jackass.

    Billy Jean King B Decent insight, not always on the money but interesting. Annoying voice

    Mary Joe Fernadez D- Way to sleep your way into a job MJ.

    Pam Shriver B (up from C) Not terribly insightful and terrible voice but likeable because if you said someting bad about her, she'd probably start crying.

    Dick Enberg C- (up from D) Has said some of the worst things on air I have ever heard inadvertantly disparging tennis. Unable to keep up intellectually with John Mcenroe, which annoys John and me. Does have enthusiasm. Often relatively clueless about the game he has covered so long.

    Leif Shiras C+ Bland but surprisingly not bad at all.

    John Lloyd C+ Some insight, pleasant voice, articulate.

    John Barrett C+ Old school, not much enthusiasm, but gets the job done.

    Martina Navratilova C+ Prefer nails on chalkboard to her voice but has insight, knows the game.

    US Open studio host with the barrel body and boxy face(was it 2003?) F What a buffonish pork chop! Pretentious voice, knows nothing about tennis, terrible interviewer.

    Michael Barkann B Get's job done, as long as they keep him doing celeb interviews in the stands. Tends to be silly, not insightful.

    Tracy Austin B Likeable, servicable, decent insight, doesn't take herself to seriously. Funny interplay with J Mac.

    Brad Gilbert C- Annoying personality and debunks any reputation he might have for having superb insight into game.


    Todd Martin: good, but bland during his brief guest appearance, definitely showed promise and a fine analysis of the game.

    Luke Jenson: Personality in spades, likeable or unlikeable depends on viewer. Some insight. Silly phrases.

    Boris Becker: during guest appearance...some great insights...and extreme bluntness....but seemed a bit uncomfortable...had to be pushed for comments

    Dan Janssen: Probably a very very nice guy. Made Mcenroe's talk show look smooth as silk.

    Dennis Miller: Give this guy a chance in the booth. No, many fans won't know his references, but this guy knows tennis and is funny.

    Terry Bradshaw: Annoying but surprisingly insightful about tennis....well for Terry Bradshaw.
  5. Feña14

    Feña14 Legend

    Feb 18, 2004
    The best ones imo are Peter Fleming, Mark Petchey, JMac and yeah I agree about Leif Shiras, he is surprisingly good.

    I have got some matches that I have had sent to me from America and most of the commentators are of their heads!! Half the men sound about 70 that Mary Carillo sounds like a man and scares me a bit :oops:

    I think that SkySports have the best commentators, good humour.
  6. drakulie

    drakulie Talk Tennis Guru

    May 3, 2004
    FT. Lauderdale, Florida
    Agree with joe sch. I like both JohnMac, and Courier. I also like Drysdale.

    Can't stand Pat Mcenroe, Carillo.
  7. rhubarb

    rhubarb Hall of Fame

    Jul 3, 2004
    I agree Mark Petchey is very good as a commentator, and also in the studio as an analyst. My other favourite is Frew McMillan, who was a permanent fixture during the AO, but doesn't seem to be around at TMC time.

    The ones who bug me the most are Andrew Castle - too glib, snide and certainly more suited to presenting breakfast TV than tennis, and also Chris Bowers - never heard so many inane remarks ;)
  8. pound cat

    pound cat G.O.A.T.

    Feb 22, 2004
    I love Cliff ("goodbye til later in the evening, I'm Patrick McEnroe.....I mean Cliff Drysdale") as said yesterday on ESPN. Truly one of a kind.

    On the women's side I was very impressed with Chanda Rubin's guest match commentatry . There's a future career here for her.
  9. Steve Huff

    Steve Huff Legend

    Feb 11, 2004
    Agree with datacipher about Lampley. He sounds as if he's watching a different match sometimes. I don't think he knows much about tennis. I guess when a network is paying him so much, they feel they gotta use him.
  10. crosscourt

    crosscourt Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    I agree about Frew MacMillan -- doesn't say too much and what he says is excellent. I also like Peter Fleming, especially when Bailey asks him "What was going through [X player's] head when he hit [that shot, the ballboy, the animal tranquilisers]?". Fleming just looks at Bailey as if to say "How the hell should I know". Superb.
  11. Brettolius

    Brettolius Professional

    Apr 5, 2004
    Beyond Thunderdome
    Lampley might not know much about tennis, but he definitely wields the largest vernacular of any commentator, and he is not afraid to use it. if him and dennis miller were to team up, it'd just be a bombast of big words and obscure references, enjoyable to some, undecipherable to others. i think it would probably be funny
  12. BiGGieStuFF

    BiGGieStuFF Hall of Fame

    Sep 14, 2004
    Let's get Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley out there :D. They'd at least make it entertaining.
  13. @wright

    @wright Hall of Fame

    Feb 19, 2004
    Data that was the most comprehensive commentator review ever compiled. The only thing I am going to add is that I like Tim Ryan, he is, as you said, likeable and safe with his comments, even though it seems like alot of people don't like him too much. Out of Tim Ryan, JMac, Courier, Bud Collins, Barry Mackay, and a few others you mentioned, I would be a very happy camper if only they would be in the booth. One other thing, great comment on Jim Lampley, who is the worst tennis commentator in the history of the sport, in my opinion. The man doesn't know a tennis ball from a hole in the ground. What a pompous ass, year after year trying to make us think he knew something about tennis.
  14. Kevin Patrick

    Kevin Patrick Hall of Fame

    Feb 11, 2004
    Agree Lampley is horrible with tennis, what do you think of his boxing commentary? I think its really good, maybe his smugness is a better fit for a sport that is filled with arrogant personalities.
    Also I think Jimmy Arias is better than most. If Agassi wants to do it after retiring, he may eclipse Johnny Mac as best commentator.
  15. Rickson

    Rickson G.O.A.T.

    Jun 16, 2004
    The "oh my" Dick Enberg is one of the worst.
  16. Datacipher

    Datacipher Banned

    Apr 13, 2004
    Brettolius, Miller and Lampley would be an interesting combo....probably disastrous...lol....the thing about Miller is that at least most of the time he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously!

    @wright....I agree about Tim Ryan. I can take him or leave him as a booth guy....but I really felt that his genuine enthusiasm brought life to the late night USO recap. He made it seem exciting and worth watching vs the boring retread clip show that it can come across as.

    Kevin P....Yes, I agree at least to the extent that he doesn't fill me with hatred during Boxing. Something about Wimbledon seemed to bring out an even more pretentious attitude in the guy. Plus, in boxing he had a great combo with Larry Merchant(who really did tell it straight) and Big George. It was worthwhile alone to hear George babble on unintelligably contradicting himself, then Lampley stepping in to half heartedly argue with George. You just KNEW Lampley wanted to cut into George...but was at least smart enough to know that while George might play it all smiles now, it still is probably not a good idea to make George look like a total idiot on TV....lol
  17. BigboyDan

    BigboyDan Semi-Pro

    May 10, 2004
    I just wish they'd all shut up during the point played.

    JohnnyMac has just gone weird - he is uncomfortable to listen to.

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