Who'll be willing to share their ignore list?



Like others, I also don't ignore anyone. I don't really see the point since I'd always click "show message" or whatever it says there. (I've tested out the feature hehehe)
Give them the recognition that they no longer have.

Don't have one myself, but perhaps I've made some of them. In which case, others may have to make those folks aware of this thread.

But I digress. This is not about me! It is about sharing. And it is about caring.
I only iggy Bartley guy and little hands is not my fav
Seems odd how extensive some ignore lists are. I think I have one person on mine from years back. The rest I can ignore if they post their usual ramblings, but even those I know I disagree with have some points at times.
Ignore list is for people who live with the illusion that they are able to always be on the the sunny side of the street.
I guess I can entertain a reasoned argument for all manner of curated content on here.

There's a "follow" (AKA "stalk") option, after all.

So, if someone lacks filtration capacities, and there's a bot to do it for you, go for it I guess.

Ideation comes from the irritants, though. I'd think that'd be the biggest loss.
I’ve had two people on ignore only I never knew it until I was examining my profile in order to change my signature or something like that. I think when I have scrolled on my tablet I have accidentally hit ignore! I know I hit like accidentally sometimes, too. I even have this horrible habit of falling asleep with the tablet in my hands and God knows what I click then! Last night after reading this thread I checked and once again found I had ignored someone without ever meaning to. Oi!