Who's goin out tonight?

Who's going out tonight?

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Hey you guys responded! Sweet! I am goin out in a few hours. Gonna get real crazy tonight. 4 guys 6 girls and we love to party. Yeah! :D


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I'm heading out now but will make it an early night as I have to be up early tomorrow morning. Have a great night all...whether you are staying in or hitting the scene. :)


I am. Probably getting a couple of beers, watching a live band at a bar with my gang. Typical friday night.


Usually would...though probably having girlfriend and others over to watch movies or something. Normal Friday ya.


sadly no.... I have to be at school at 5 in the morning.. I have my 2nd school tournament this year and school hasnt even started yet. We are going allllll the way to Houston. We won't get back till like midnight or 1 a.m..... it sux


I played miniature golf, just got back actually, I played fairly well. My score was a 38, but my team (2 vs. 2) lost:( Oh well, I guess I'm paying for drinks tomorrow.


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I went out for some dinner. But not doing much now. Just doing the usual. Listening to music at 1:30 AM watching some of Blake's match on TV.

Gooood times LOL.


i'm unlucky bah

even though you guys don't know what i'm talking about, I had to rant
(Damn 3-6, wtf mate roarrrr and other stuff..)


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If you are talking about Friday night then I already did go out. Was my friend's 20th. Was a bit of a 5th wheel having 2 couples and me but t was still fun. Not going out tonight though as I have to fly back to the states tommorow for University.


Went out to a Diamondback's game. Got some nice seats 3rd row between dugout and home plate. Waitresses taking your dinner order and serving beer and food right to you. The Dbacks CEO and some of the top brass were just 2 rows in front of me talking shop and taking notes. :)


so it's almost 11minutes after midnight here in austria...........I'm writing you from a computer next to the tennis courts......and I've to tell you.......I've played great tennis the last 2 hours......but unfortunately it's over now. But you know what..Eurosport (Sports Channel) is going to show the Dementieva-Kuznetsova New Haven match in a few minutes, all my tennis buddies and I are already excited and looking forward to it. Unfortunately Maria isn't playing. DAMN!!! However, wish you a great friday night!!!;)


Was out on Friday and just got back in from Saturday night (1.30)

Friday was a night out with an old school teacher who payed for our drinks all night! What a legend.
LOL bit late to reply cause just got in this morning, was out all night, but visiting in Atlanta, GA this weekend...plenty of stuff to do that involves going out LOL

and a beautiful professor from Harvard mmm wow! she was amazing!
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Partied last night with 20 other people. Was great. Watched the Grudge, Saw. Then played some full contact manhunt and being freaked out from the movies. I think somebody must have spiked the drinks or something cause some people were either drunk or really high on life.