Who's worse: Richard Williams or Yuri Sharapov?

Service Ace

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Because I've heard such dissenting opinions on both, I' like to know which is the overall more disdained father figure in tennis (in the eyes of the public).


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Yuri is annoying because he never shuts up during Maria's matches, but Richard is the worst because he makes sh*t up concerning both his daughters' "injuries."


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The media treats Richard Williams like a saint but I have yet to hear anything positive about Yuri from anyone. I don't think the general public (outside tennis die-hards who come to boards like this) knows or cares that much about tennis players, let alone their dads. Most of their opinions are formed by the media.

West Coast Ace

It's Richard. At least until Yuri starts blathering to the press. Being a supporter of your own flesh and blood, while he does get a little carried away, doesn't put him anywhere near Richard. Richard insulting Jews (like they'd buy a piece of real estate in Compton - LOL!), Richard lying about being a millionaire before his daugthers made their money in the pros. Richard breaking his wife's ribs...