Whose call is it when the ball goes through the net?


I was playing one of my buddies in a practice set today and an interesting situation came up. I was serving at 5-3 30-0. We got into a pretty long rally which ended with him hitting a swinging volley off my defensive lob. I was sure the ball was gonna hit the net when it came off his racquet. I thought the point was over and was completely not ready when the ball somehow made it to my side! I scrambled and managed to get my racquet on it, but missed. I was utterly confused for a few seconds, but then realized that the ball must have gone through a small hole about 6 inches below the top of the net. Since it was a practice set against a buddy, I gave him the point. But what if it had been a real match? Could I have called it or would he have to call it on himself? Also, when is the right time to make this call? Since I tried to play the ball and missed (and then took a few more seconds to realize what had happened), would that have been too late to call it?

P.S. I was so rattled by this that I got broken in that game. Luckily, I eventually managed to win the set 7-5.


Seemingly, it's your call to make when this happens. And I would think the point should have been yours since the ball technically did not go over the net - hole or otherwise.

Thanks for the link, I had been wondering about this myself. I’ve been playing quite a bit at this scenic but somewhat run-down neighborhood court with a highish net that has holes, with a friend. I hit with a lot of spin and clearance, while he tends to hit flatter, but thankfully he always calls his own through balls. Now I don’t have to rely on his spirit of sportsmanship anymore.:twisted: