Why Adidas Barriacde Becomes Narrow


Just got a pair of Adidas Barricade Classic Wide (4E) Shoes. The front shoe toe box still feels narrow for me. It hurts my toes. I am a long time user of Adidas Barricade. I have worn through so many pairs of Barricades including Barricade II, Barricade V, Barricade 6.0, Barricade 7. I still keep several new Barricade V (which I got from 6-month warranty replacements). Now that the re-issue of Barricade V is discontinued, I just bought and tried Barricade Classic Wide (4E) hoping it should be wider than Barricade 2017 or Barricade 2016 which people complained about its narrow design. I'm WRONG. The Classic Wide (4E) is still narrow!

I hope Adidas can re-issue Barricade V again. If not, I have to stay away from Barricade and try a different brand.
I felt the same way about my classic wide (4E) until I wore them for about an hour. Now they are just as wide as my old wide NB or K-Swiss. Even a bit more wide than K-swiss. Just wear them in and they will be great.


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Can't say I've ever tried the wide version of the Barricade but I do know, of all the major shoe manufacturers, Adidas is the company that does the least for those of us with wide feet.

I wide sizing (2E) will usually keep the same midsole/outsole as a standard D size, but the upper will be made larger. I think at the moment, New Balance and Mizuno are the only companies that actually build their 2E shoes on a different, larger platform.

A very wide 4E size is typically a bigger shoe from the ground up. It costs companies more to make these as they need to rebuild everything with more material - sole, midsole, upper..and usually the customer base is not large for these shoes.

Perhaps Adidas has stopped doing this? They should have the money to, but as I said (at least in the running shoe world) they don't offer much for wide feet.