Why AO 17 is a big one


Hall of Fame
The Australian Open 2017 as of now is a momentous GS and will make one of the stories below TRUE!

Dimitrov winning.

"And Grigor Dimitrov has WON! After years of potential and looking good, he has finally been able to land the coveted GS title to his trophy cabinet. Tennis has managed to recapture the Federer elements of the game through Dimitrov and the Bulgarian star has just shone with beaming lights!"

Nadal winning.

"UNBELIEVABLE. Just when you thought Nadal was merely just turning up. Just when you thought the Spaniard was gone and never coming back. Just when you thought 14 was his number. Nadal has 15 to his name and has shown the world a modern Spanish Gladiator simply doesn't know how to retire quietly. The legend has just become more LEGEND!"

Wawrinka winning.

"He did it it! We thought he'd be a 1-GS wonder when he first defeated Nadal here those years ago but he now has 4 to his name! He has taken the modern day OHBH to a whole new level and shown the world that you don't have to be good looking or Roger Federer to win. You can just simply do it wearing pink shorts".

Federer winning.

<No words>
Orgasms all-round.