Why are tennis fans and analysts so incredibly hollow?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Fedfan34, Apr 25, 2012.

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    It seems to me that every time a great player suffers a loss, people are immediately quick to jump on the wagon that says that player is finished. Now, to a degree this has always been a fact of sports. But in the last 10 years or so, this seems to have increased dramatically in tennis.

    Case study: Sampras. Doesn't win a title for two years, remains competitive, people assume he's never going to win another title and should retire. Comes out in a blaze of glory at the US Open in 2002 and owns everyone, including the up and coming stars that were beating him previously.

    Case Study: Roger in 2008. Loses back to back slams to Rafa, people assume he's never going to win another slam. Wins the next grand slam (US Open).

    Case study: Roger in 2009. Loses Aussie Open to Rafa, I remember in the post match analysis, even BUD COLLINS was saying that Rog would never win another slam. Wins the next two majors.

    Case study: Roger in 2011. Hasn't won a slam, assumption that Djoker is going to trounce him at FO. Beats Djoker in 4 sets, breaks the winning streak, only person to beat Djoker in a slam in 2011.

    Case Study: Rafa in 2011. Gets beaten over and over again by Djoker, people assume he's going to burn out and go away. Wins the French Open, makes the finals of Wimbledon and US Open.

    Case study Roger in 2012: Doesn't win a major in 2011, people assume he's going to fade away. Wins six of eight next events he plays in, beats his rival Nadal along the way. Within striking distance of #2.

    And nao people are saying that Djokovic is going to go back to getting beaten by Rafa all over again because of ONE miserable loss? I mean seriously, haven't the top 3 players done enough in this sport to earn our trust and respect?
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    Where's the fun in sanity?
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    It's either that or excuses.
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    Sampras - Fairytale ending. More like surprised his critics. He beat up on his lapdog Agassi in the finals anyway.

    Roger in 2008, wins USO without Ralph in the final. Not saying he wouldn't have beaten Ralph in the finals,he most probably would have. Actually come to think of it,Roger never faced Ralph in USO before so I don't know what the critics were onto. Maybe they thought looking at RG and WB, Roger wouldn't ever be able to beat Ralph in a GS again. So that claim of theirs hasn't been put down yet,actually.

    Roger in 2009 - wins 2 slams, RG and WB both without facing Ralph in the finals. Not saying he wouldn't have beaten Ralph had they met.(RG was unlikely) BUT that doesn't silence his critics.

    Roger in 2011 - That was Roger in god mode. It was an upset no matter how you slice it. Talking about RG obviously.

    Ralph in 2011 - Ralph didn't face Djokovic at RG. There was no indication that year he would've beaten him, got thrashed senseless in consecutive clay masters WITHOUT taking a set. SO, that doesn't silence his critics.

    Roger in 2012 - Striking distance is not the same as #2 but I see your point. IW was a surprise for me(critics proven wrong), indoor events he was the favourite so no surprise there.

    OVERALL, the critics/analysts weren't exactly proven wrong/silenced with the exception of IW 2012 and USO 2008, as far as I can tell. If anything more fuel was added to their fire.
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    they have to have something to talk about.
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    well, you do have a point, but what do you do? fans and the general crowd are too finicky. We all know that Nole, Roger and Rafa can beat one another on any given day. Sure, Djokovic has his '5 minutes' right now but that won't last forever either... nothing does.

    I, generally, do not like any type of prediction threads. but people (especially journalists) need to talk and entertain themselves. like in any other sport...

    I really admire to Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. What they have accomplished is absolutely amazing. The problem that I have are certain 'fans/****s' who are simply blind worshipers.

    Top 3 guys are very special and very different, and that's good for sport. They have huge charisma ... one day when they retire we'll have a huge gap ... it's just my feeling, as I don't see anybody challenging them in at least next 3 years or so ...
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    That's why most serious posters left this forum years back. Now we've just got guys who start silly threads (with the exception of Mike Sams who made thread creation into an art form) and one mad dude who keeps posting gifs.
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    Oh look, another thread about Fed.
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    gosh, I remember posting at tennis.com back in 2006, a mad house between Rog and Rafa fans who were fighting like it's the end of the world (it turned me off so much, that I left the board and never posted there again, although it seems to be more civil nowadays)... I joined this board hoping for some quality talk. and thank God there are some very smart people here, but again you have some crazy fans who simply worship their players to no end ...opening silly threads about nothing ... MTF is another story ... same old **** ...
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    Do I need to quote Rudy Tomjanovic?
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    Mostly its is wishfull thinking and gloating from fans who takes being a fan of a player to its negative.

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