Why Aussies support Serbia?


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There are many people of Serbian origin living in Sydney. Australia in general.
Spanish hasn’t emigrated like the Serbs in newer history...
Not strange it not many Spanish immigrants in Australia. It’s the same in Europe. It’s loads of Serbian immigrants and rare to find a Spanish one.


I think a lot of them are what we call fair weather fans.

They show up to see a win but wouldn't be there if the team was weak. In fact, most just show up to see Djokovic. At least half in Brisbane didn't watch Lajovic and then left before the doubles (even when it was live).

We have MANY more South Africans in Brisbane than Serbs, but it was the Serbs who made the most noise.

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I watched Serbia vs Spain in Sydney and the crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Serbian. Why?
There is a large Serbian Australian community, particularly in Sydney where the event took place. The crowd wasnt surprising in the least.
Melbourne has a huge Greek community. If Tsitsipas makes a deep run in Melbourne in a couple weeks watch how they will turn up to the matches in droves, particularly now that he is a bit more established.
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Is the question 'Why are Serbians staying in Australia supporting Serbian team ? '
Good question, I think it varies and depends on a case by case circumstance. I'm not sure who they would support if they were playing Australia. It happens in many sports here and sometimes just for fun.
For example with the cricket when England, NZ, India, Sri Lanka or South Affica tours here you will have some new Aussies supporting their mother team but their kids sometimes will support the Aussies. Don't know about the Serbians.
As a joke the Kiwi's wear this T shirt that says, " I support NZ and every team playing against Australia ".
The Serbian fans are very vocal though and very full on. In the 80's it was the Swedes that had a lot of tennis fans with their painted faces. The English Cricket fans have the "Barmy Army", whereas the Indians have the "Swarmy Army ", fans.


In the 80's it was the Swedes that had a lot of tennis fans with their painted faces.
Even when beating up on Cashie, the Swedes were awesome. Some (not all) of the Serbs I saw in Brisbane were just drunken grubs. I don't even mind a bit a trash talk and heckling between points, but yelling, whistling and blowing horns as a player is about to hit a ball is not a good look.
The OP didn't realise that in seeking that answer he will prove the opposite of what he wanted: instead of recognising international support, it recognised nationalistic/ethnic support. Not that Djokovic needs proofs that he is supported all over the world, but still funny.



Because most of them were Serbs actually, my cousin lives in Sydney for example. We are not located only in Serbia. :)

Also Djokovic has his own international fan base too obviously.