Why did Murray trouble Prime Federer but not Nadal or Djokovic?


Who on earth thinks Murray's peak is in 2015? 2016 was barely peak either, certainly not peak ground strokes, it was just (from after the baby-break) Murray with an acceptable second serve and the big 3 all a bit hobbled (nice though it was to see him notch up a few more accolades along the way) and went some way to give you the picture of what life without the big 3 might've looked like.
that's why I said supposedly peak Murray. I don't think Murray's peak level in those years approaches 12-13 besides clay. He was quite consistent but still suffered bad losses at the USO both years and lost fairly easy to Djokovic and Fed, whereas he was good in all the non RG majors in 12-13 and gave those two some fights.