Why did the ATP break away from the MIPTC?

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    Sorry if this has been answered on a thread some were else, but can someone explain to me why the ATP decided in 1988 that they would break away from the Men's International Professional Tennis Council (MIPTC) and form their own tour? From what I've read the MIPTC was comprised of 3 player reps, 3 tournament reps and 3 ITF reps, which seems to me like a good arrangement and something that would work well now. All I've read is the ATP were dissatisfied with the way that the MIPTC was running tennis, and held a meeting with the top players in the car park at the 1988 us open. What were the reasons the ATP set up their own tour and disbanded the MIPTC??
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    I was not really aware of all this going on in the background. It appears that the the history of professional tennis is quite convoluted. In 1988 the MIPTC had shortened its name to the MTC (Men's Tennis Council). Here is the story according to Wp:

    "During the 1988 US Open the ATP, led by then-World No. 1 Mats Wilander, staged an impromptu meeting known as the Parking Lot Press Conference during failed negotiations with the MTC over the organisation of the Grand Prix and key issues such as player fatigue... "


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