Why do people use 93 instead of 100 ?

Its the less bounce. Remember you have to get the ball IN. If the bounce is too much the ball goes out. In the analogy of the trampoline imagine that there was a ceiling and if the ball bounce too high it would hit the ceiling? Which trampoline are you going to pick to not hit the ceiling?

this explains it
Fun video!

Big head = More deflection for a given tension = More power!!
Open string pattern = More deflection = More power!!
High tension = compress ball = Less power!!


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I use a 95 (head prestige) because it is flexible, swings fast, and the hoop is thin which gives me a more solid feel. I have used 100 sq in head sizes before and I play just as well with them. That being said, it comes down to the feel for me and that’s why I don’t use a 100 sq in racket.

My favorite 100 racket was changed too much and that was the head speed IG mp. If they had a similar racket now I would use it but they changed the lineup too much.