Why Do Some Pros Struggle With Weight?


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I know ana lena groenefeld gained her 30lbs after her coach started dating her and then broke up w/her. she went into hiding for a year and left the WTA and came back 30lbs heavier. relationships can suck!


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Aye.. What a superficial society we have become. ROFL. Body types, metabolism, BMI (which is a crock anyways since it doesn't take into account Bone Density etc) all vary per individual.

Really it comes to down to what type of food you are putting in your body. As we age, some become more intolerant of certain foods.
BMI is a crock because it doesn't make a difference between fat weight and muscle weight.
Differences in skeleton weight are relatively small (couple of kgs) a do not sky-rocket your BMI.


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while I agree that the been fat is more about what you eat than anything, I think it is also true than some people are thicker and heavier than others just because that is the way they are. These people have a tendency to look fat-er than they really are. Odin is a really good case - Cibulkova too, maybe she is jut 2 pounds overweight (just to say a number), but she is short and wide by nature so of curse it is going to be more visible than if Hantuchova would gain those 2 pounds.

On the other hand it is also worth to point out that overweight is not the only way to "struggle" with weight, what about the rather large amount of tennis players (specially females) that are way to skinny to be a professional elite athlete? is it "normal" on their case or there is something else going on? I am sure that some of the would definitely benefit of more muscle mass and additional weight.


Astonished at the state of Falconi (among others). Some of these girls must just eat cream cakes all day in between training.


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Its all hormonal/Kreb Cycle. The only reason no pill comes out to treat obesity is because it would mean, solving the hormonal/Kreb Cycle dilemma, and no one would get sick and die. Bad for business.
Isn't Kreb's cycle the mitochondrial process of cellular respiration nowadays known as the Citric Acid cycle?

Sorry, read this in my son's biology book, and was dying to mention it somewhere :)


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what a dumb excuse, you could have the best genetics in your family when it comes to weight but if you eat a lot you'll get fat
That's true. If a you have an eating disorder and don't take care of your body, you'll be out of shape. Serena once said she was out of shape and had to watch out for what she eat.


Pros are people too, and many people struggle with their weight. It sucks for them, but is all too common. Sure, they probably eat better and work out more than any of us, but some people just have bodies that like to hold on to fat. Note that I'm not defending the 300 pound woman who eats McDonalds, guzzles a Diet Coke and complains that she is fat. These are people who actually try to maintain a healthy weight, which doesn't always mean skinny.

/I sound fat
//I am not.
///Willfully fat people should be burned to generate energy for the rest of us.



Thats what I said!
You may be trollish when it comes to the WS and Federer, but you are pretty sensible guy on most things.

People who think genetics dont play a part in ones weight are foolish.

differeing rates of metabolism, ability to retain muscle mass etc are all factors for people when it comes to weight. these are all determined by genetics.


I'm confused....you say:

1. Weight gain and loss has nothing to do with genetics
2. The genetics only play a roll in body

Which one is correct? Obviously #1 is not if #2 is. And "role" is the correct word where you used "roll."

Do some research about weight and you'll see genetics DOES have a role in many things including body type and weight. Obviously we're given a certain mold based on our genetic code which will ultimately be tweaked by our daily actions. Those actions include how many calories we eat and how many we expend. What type of foods we eat affects eating habits as some foods burn VERY quickly (say sugar) which we can become hungry faster. Slow-burn fuels keep us full longer and often keep us from eating excessive calories.
You should learn the basics before you comment. GI index does not come into play unless you eat carbs by themselves, which most people don't. Being full and being hungry is all psychological. If you don't have the will power to stop eating once you have hit your calorie limit, then that is on you.

Genetics play a 'role,' I am sorry, in body composition, as in where the fat is stored on a persons body. I could have the same stats as you, say... 5' 10'' 170lbs and 12% body fat and we could both look completely different. Losing weight has nothing to do with genetics because if you are eating under you caloric maintenance at a healthy level, you will lose weight. If you eat above it you will gain weight. It is as simple as that.


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Isn't Kreb's cycle the mitochondrial process of cellular respiration nowadays known as the Citric Acid cycle?

Sorry, read this in my son's biology book, and was dying to mention it somewhere :)

No, its much much more than that. No one has explained it, well, at all. Anywhere on the internet.

Suffice to say, I have created a formulation that fends off the fat, that everyone except it appears surfers, skateboarders, boxers and some tennis players avoid.

Problem is, it seems to correct all terminal disease, so I doubt it ever reaches the marketplace. Anything too good. ........................